This DIY Breakfast in Bed Box is the Perfect Bridal Shower Gift

wedding shower gifts

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Calling all bridesmaids! If you’re looking for a unique option as part of a bridal shower gift, we have just the thing for you! Here at WGM, we like to get crafty. We also REALLY love breakfast. Those things combined lead us to this nifty DIY Breakfast in Bed Box that we think makes a stellar gift for the bride-to-be. After all the hoopla of planning a wedding, sometimes it’s nice to wake up late, cook breakfast in your pj’s (even if it’s after 1PM, guilty!), and throw on some cheery musical tunes as the waffles bake. Doesn’t that sound amazing?:

Looking for some great recipes to go along with this box? These are 10 of the tastiest breakfast in bed recipes EVER.

Here’s our step-by-step guide:

1. Think about the theme

We went with waffles and champagne here. It’s easy (hello, baking challenged folks), and nothing says goooooood morning like a great Mimosa. Hint, our fave uses blood orange juice. Mmmmm.

wedding shower gifts

2. Cute Packaging

We actually found this great unfinished wood crate at our local TJ Maxx (did you know they also have a bridal collection now, btw), and the ribbon was a score in the holiday decorating section. Other than that, we used dishtowels in lieu of shredded paper or tissue paper, which makes it a little more home-y, and adds an extra gift!

3. The Goods

Since we went with the waffle theme, we also purchased a great set of pink whisks (for fluffy waffles, duh), and a set of baker-inspired measuring cups. We also scored some of our favorite maple syrup from Butternut Mountain Farm to complete the necessities. Other things we love to include? A set of coffee-perfect mugs and a treat of chocolate covered espresso beans. We also included a few things to make the morning a little more fun, like a delish bottle of mini bottle of champagne, dominoes (yes, dominoes!) and our favorite mini candle. That’s it! Easy as pie waffles.

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