16 Fun Ideas for Bridal Shower Food

Whether you’re throwing a bridal shower for a close friend or you’re contributing ideas for your own, there are so many options for food and drinks that you might have a hard time figuring out where to start. We’ve compiled our favorite bridal shower food and drink ideas that we think are fun for brunch, lunch, or evening bridal showers in the gallery above.

When trying to decide what you should serve at a bridal shower the first thing you’ll want to nail down is your theme. Are you looking to do a retro bridal shower or perhaps a springtime garden party with an Alice in Wonderland theme? Or maybe you’re not looking for a bridal shower theme at all, but instead just want to throw an intimate bridal shower with the bride’s closest friends and family with great food and drinks (for a price that won’t drive you mad).

Once you decide on your theme (which can be “no theme at all”), you’ll want to figure out what time of day you want to have it. Brunch bridal showers are great because they allow you to choose from not only breakfast items but more filling lunch food as well. Evening bridal showers tend to be much more expensive in terms of what you’ll have to serve (dinner and drinks and usually dessert), so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re planning.

Guest count will also affect what type of food you’re going to serve, as well as your venue. If you’re throwing a bridal shower in a hotel you’re going to be tied to their menus, whereas having it at your own house or rented venue will typically mean the sky’s the limit in terms of what type of food and drinks you want to make or bring in (and on your own budget). If you’re having a larger guest count you’ll most likely want to stick to a buffet, whereas a smaller crowd could mean that you have a two or three course meal instead.

Whatever your theme, venue, or budget, there are some really great bridal shower food and drink ideas to choose from here that will hopefully help you plan a party your friend will love.

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  1. says: Rhoda

    Some great ideas here! Literally I actually like all of them- definitely festive and perfect themes for bridal shows- i especially like the more summery and fruity ones…