7 Reasons Why Guests LOVE This Wedding Registry

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Let’s face it. Being a wedding guest isn’t always easy. Aside from the planes, trains, and automobiles they take to get to you, we can sometimes ask a lot of them. From what to wear to who they can bring or who they can’t, they still (mostly) manage to show up with smiles on their faces. And while they’ll definitely appreciate the yummy food and great music they’re sure to dance to all night long, we also hear from guests all the time about what couples can do to make the entire process that much more enjoyable. So, what’s on the top of their list? A wedding registry that makes it easy to buy you gift you’ll definitely remember, and a wedding website that tells them everything they need to know. Which is why we always tell couples about Zola, the wedding registry and wedding website that we continue to fall head over heels in LOVE with on a daily basis. Here’s why your guests will, too.

1. Help When You Need It

If you’re anything like me, you scream “agent” into the phone to try and get a human to talk to as quickly as possible when it comes to customer service requests, only to get randomly disconnected what feels like an hour later. Zola is the COMPLETE opposite. They go above and beyond to help your grandmother, coworker, neighbor, or best friend figure out and purchase the best gift for you. Just give ‘em a call at 1-408-657-ZOLA or send them an email at support [at] zola.com. That means less calls to YOU.

2. Products Galore

When it comes to gift-giving, how many times have you scrolled through a registry to see “completed” everywhere, leaving you to frantically buy a single napkin and a spatula. Yeahhhh, us too. Which is why we love that Zola has 50,000 (yes, 50,000) gifts for couples to add to their registry. No more of that “I didn’t like anything so I added 10 gifts to my registry.” All of our favorite brands are here, like Le Creuset, Vitamix, KitchenAid and Dyson. So you’ll actually have a ton of choices to choose from which means your guests will, too.

GUEST TIP: Did you know you can purchase products on Zola without even being registered? So, if you love those rose gold glasses you’re buying for your BFF, you can also buy a set for yourself, too. We’re not the only ones who shop for ourselves while we’re shopping for other people, right?!?

3. Experiences and Cash Funds

It’s not just about the pots and pans. Cash gifts that help you go on your honeymoon or even buy your dream home are just as awesome. Guests can easily contribute towards a cash fund you create or a specific wedding registry experience (like a sunset honeymoon cruise or even a monthly wine experience), and can rest easy knowing that you’re registered with a site that has the lowest cash fee around (a standard 2.5% credit processing fee vs. double that on other sites).

4. Registry Perks

Aside from the 10% completion discount every Zola couple gets for a full year after their wedding, guests actually get some pretty great perks, too:

  • Free Shipping Everyday: No more of that waiting for the “Free Shipping Today Only!” email from other retailers.
  • Price Matching: Who wants to pay full-price these days? Ummm, definitely not us…or your guests! If you find a better deal somewhere else, Zola will price match it for you.
  • Group Gifting: You don’t have to feel guilty about registering for that super high-tech coffee machine anymore. With group gifting, guests can contribute as much as they are comfortable with towards a gift. That means you walk away with what you REALLY want, and guests get a cup of great espresso when they come over.

5. One-and-Done Website and Registry

Having multiple wedding registries AND a wedding website can be overwhelming, especially for guests. But when a couple is registered on Zola and has a Zola wedding website, the registry is seamlessly integrated. That means your guests can get your wedding schedule, RSVP, AND shop for gifts at the same time, and you get to have fun creating a super chic wedding website with over 100 designs (all free!) to choose from.

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6. No More Late Thank You’s

If there’s one thing we learned from planning a wedding, it’s this: As soon as you receive a gift from your Aunt Mary, you will definitely get a call within two weeks asking if you got it. Thankfully Zola’s Thank-You manager lets you see who got you what and when, so you can write that thank you note BEFORE Aunt Mary even picks up the phone.

7. Easy Access

Zola wants to make your wedding and wedding registry as fun and easy as possible for guests, and their mobile app definitely does that. Whether guests want to buy that stand mixer you registered for on their phone, or find out what time the rehearsal dinner is on your Zola website, everything they need to know is literally at their fingertips. If only finding your dream wedding dress was that simple!!

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*You will receive $50 to spend on Zola when you set up your wedding registry on Zola, and receive $500 in Zola gifts. Zola gifts will be defined as any physical products purchased on Zola.com. Cash funds or third party gifts from other websites are not considered Zola gifts. The $50 Zola credit can only be redeemed for Zola gifts and cannot be redeemed for cash, cash funds or third party gifts. Credits will be placed into the couple’s Zola account 4 weeks after a couple receives $500 in Zola gifts. Registry must be created but not necessarily published by 6/5/2018. Marketing promotional credits expire 180 days after they are issued.

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