The 19 Best Wedding Cake Alternatives Every Bride Should Consider

Trust me, I have NOTHING against wedding cake. I’m a big fan (especially with amazing wedding cake designs like these). Plus, one of my favorite things about wedding cakes are the wedding cake toppers, so trying to convince me NOT to have a wedding cake is a hard sell. BUT when I see amazing wedding cake alternatives like in the gallery above, I get super excited. A tower of donuts? A Rice Krispie “cake?” Layers upon layers of cannolis? Or what about syrup-drenched waffles? I’m drooling just looking at these pictures!

I love the idea of a fun wedding cake alternative for really any kind of wedding. Whether you’re having a sweet backyard party or a formal ballroom fete, these wedding cake alternatives are unique and delicious, and something that your guests will definitely remember. They’re also great for wedding showers or daytime weddings when a cake just seems too heavy.

Check out my favorite wedding cake alternatives above, and let us know which ones you want to cut into! The only thing we want to know is: Can we still save a piece for our first wedding anniversary?!

Find more great ideas for wedding cakes on our Pinterest page.

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