21 Ideas for an Awesomely Rustic Wedding

Who doesn’t love a rustic wedding? They’re amazing in the spring and summer, and can even be super cozy for the fall. A rustic wedding can be country inspired, or it can be a charming mix of high/low for a look that is 100% yours (think chandeliers and hay bales).

We went searching for our favorite rustic wedding ideas and came across these fun and unique setups in the gallery, above. From antler wedding centerpieces to cowbell kisses, you can incorporate one or all of these wedding ideas in your outdoor wedding venue, loft wedding venue, or even your country club/ballroom venue for a romantic wedding theme that has become one of our favorites.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to planning your rustic wedding is not to be afraid to mix themes or throw something in a little unexpected. For example, I love the thought of wearing a ballgown wedding dress at a barn wedding. Or having waiters wear tuxes while serving drinks in mason jars. Again, it’s the high/low mix that provides for a really, really fun wedding ceremony and reception.

Looking for more wedding ideas? Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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  1. says: Isabel

    Oh my gosh I love love love love loveeee this! Some of these ideas and themeings are just simply brilliant! I may possibly have to steal some of these ideas for my own wedding! I mean those hay bale armchairs?! Words can’t begin to explain how much I love them! Literally can’t get enough of this! The settings for some of these places are simply divine too – this is where I really wish I had the ability to teleport to different locations around the UK (or even the world) – there’s just so many gorgeous places to get married! The thing is though, even though I love the idea of a rural barn in scotland or a castle in devon, I live in Oxfordshire in england – and I really want to get married in the area so all my family and friends can come, so alas I will have to find something a little closer to home. Me and my fiancee (well I say my fiancee, more like me and my sister!) have been looking at different potential wedding locations – I really want somewhere exclusive and luxurious, but slightly quirky? Not OTT quirky but just a few unique little quirks to make it feel extra special if you know what I mean! We did come across a place called Aynhoe Park. Has anyone had a wedding there before? Or has anyone been to one? If so I would literally love you forever if you could tell me what it was like and give some reviews? Obviously the photos look beautiful but I’d really love to know what actual guests thought of the venue! Thanks everyone (and apologies for the long comment – just call me Bride Zilla!) x

  2. says: Megan Earl

    I got married a few months ago, and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with wedding planning. I’m helping 3 friends plan their weddings at the moment! Personally, I don’t think there is anything more charming than a rustic wedding. I love the idea of having hay bails for seating. I’m going to suggest that to a couple of my friends!

  3. says: Erica

    I love the idea of the high/low mix of opulence mixed with rustic charm. I wish more brides would mix it up with something totally unexpected glamour at a rustic / country wedding. Would be fun!