How to Turn Your Wedding Cake Into an Ornament

Whoever thought of turning your wedding cake into a Christmas ornament is probably a genius. As a matter of fact…wouldn’t it be awesome to get a tiny replica of your entire wedding?! Lol. Imagine tiny ceremony chairs and wedding arches and tiny plates and flowers for your wedding tables. Now I kind of want to make a wedding diorama!

While I’m (kind of) kidding, I would be seriously excited to get a wedding cake replica. They range in price (you can expect to pay anywhere from $45-$150+ on average), but it’s something I could easily see becoming an heirloom.

So, if you are interested in a wedding cake replica, where do you start? We found a few online companies that will turn your wedding cake into a christmas ornament, below. It also makes a fun post-wedding gift for any family members or friends looking for something unique (you’ll just have to remember to take a photo of the wedding cake beforehand).

Via Aberrant Ornaments, $165-$300

Via Forever Figurines, $22-$45

Via Forever Figurines, $22-$55

Via Etsy seller ellicakes, $150

Via Etsy seller ellicakes, $150

Via PapercakesbyMikey, $20-$70+

Via PapercakesbyMikey, $20-$70+

Via Etsy seller CMYKlays, $140

Via Etsy seller CMYKlays, $140

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  • Kristie Jones says:

    I need two made how much and how do we do this

  • Katie Creviston says:

    I would like a price quote on a wedding cake ornament please.

  • MBT says:

    Prices? Process? Timelines? Not looking to spend a fortune, as there are several couples in my life for whom this will make a wonderful gift.

  • chrissy smith says:

    I would like to have a price quote please

  • Leann says:

    How do I order?

  • Hi everybody! Just a note that WE do not make these. Please use the links featured in the story and contact the designers there. Thank you! 🙂

  • Margaret Martone says:

    need information have two cake ornaments wanted.

  • Samantha says:

    My cake had a fountain at the bottom could you incorporate that into the ornament?

  • Lorry Kuhlmeier says:

    I would love to get a quote as well…I imagine you will need a picture at some point?

  • Robin says:

    How do I send a picture to get an ornament?

  • Aubrey Corrigan says:

    I would love to get some info on this for my cake and for my aunt’s wedding coming up..great idea i love it and can u personalize it or would i have to have it done elsewhere.

  • Terrie Wheeler says:

    Would love a price quote

  • Anonymous says:

    This would also be neat to do your child’s birthday cake each year!

  • Larry Donges says:

    Wow,I own a catering company. And my Mother and sister are wedding planners. This is awesome and the price is great.I would like more info Mabe some cards brochures. Great work brides will love this!!!!!

  • Jamie says:

    For the work that goes into these they are worth the price. When I get married I will come to get one made. They look gorgeous.

  • Aimee perez says:

    I would like my cake priced. It had 60 cupcakes and an 8 inch small cake. If you could get back to me asap that would be great. Thank you

  • Amber Allen says:

    I would like to have an ornament priced. My cake had 60 cupcakes and an 8inch cake top

  • mary says:

    I think these are adorable & very reasonable!! I want one once I get married!!

  • Carolcraftgirl says:

    While some may think these are pricey please take into consideration the time it takes to re-create these cakes with such detail into an ornament….while the cost is prohibative for myself being retired on a fixed income…I am an artist and I am going to attempt to make one to replicate my son’s wedding cake into an ornament….I make them an ornament every year and this would be so perfect for them next Christmas 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    Reign, I’m going to have to agree with you. Everyone is struggling everyone is trying to make your business or make it by. These towns and people that can replica your wedding cake on an ornament for you to hang year after year after year personally I think it’s priceless

  • Sheri says:

    Those of you who think these are over-priced apparently think this can be manufactured in some sweat shop in China, rather than hand-crafted by an artisan who painstakingly reproduces your cake into an ornament. As an art studio owner, I think the price is right on point and will gladly pay the price she asks for a replica of my wedding cake. I guess all of you only make $5/hr. at your job, so you think that is all that skilled artists deserve too. Get a grip! You get what you pay for. If you want a $15 ornament, go to Target or Walmart and see if they have your wedding cake there. Good Luck!

  • Kathy Gray says:

    Would love to get a price but do not know how to go about sending a picture.

  • Jay Farrell says:

    I think it’s a neat idea! There are always those who want the stars and moon and don’t want to pay anything. I may buy some for couples who referred me to other couples 🙂

  • Sarina says:

    I personally don’t thinkable price is that bad for what your getting ! Your wedding cake was bought for eating then it’s gone. The ornaments are custom made to look like the cake you chose for your Union w your forever spouse ! The ornament is somethings you can have on your tree and share in the memories of it w your children and grandchildren and pass it down generation after generation ! I think it’s an awesome idea but I am very sentimental! I will definitely be getting one ! And might try finding pics of my parents and grandparents’ wedding cakes to do as well. And gift these to my children when/if they marry 🙂 !
    Wonderful family keepsakes !

  • Reign says:

    All of you complaining about the cost probably paid more for your cake, and if you didn’t then who cares. Stop crapping on other people’s ideas because it doesn’t fit your budget. There’s more than another option now

  • Suzanne Jaeger says:

    Too expensive

  • Hi everybody! We have updated this piece with a couple more price options. Thanks!

  • Susan Koon says:

    Where would I get it and how much would it cost?

  • Anonymous says:

    More than we paid for the cake!

  • Anonymous says:

    As fun of an idea as it is these prices are ridiculous . I will stick to my memory .. Or take a pic of your wedding cake , laminate it and put a hook on it to hang up. .

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for that!! these are expensive for an ornament

  • JameZ Dowless says:

    Sorry, I see the cost!

  • JameZ Dowless says:

    How much do the cake ornaments cost? TY

  • Carol Bub says:

    I would like to see a price list.

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