This Is the Most Popular Wedding Cake on the Internet

wedding cake
Those are edible bricks!

When people like something online….they REALLY like it!

A family-run bakery in Southeast London–Cupcakes by SJ– was recently inundated with calls after a photo of an edible-Lego wedding cake was posted on Facebook. It currently has over 143,000 likes and 70,000 shares, according to The Daily Mail.

“Completely overwhelmed by all the reaction to my cousin Emm & Jon Chapman’s wedding cake. I have so many messages that I will get round to you all as soon as I can, & a massive THANK YOU to you all!!,” they wrote on their Facebook page.

The baker, who made the Lego-themed wedding cake with edible bricks for a relative, was so overwhelmed with calls and posts, they had to write this message letting people know they would not be able to accommodate all of the calls and orders.

“We are a family who love to bake and create cakes for family, friends & friends of friends. We do not have a shop or website or any other form of pictures other than those on this page, which was created at the request of friends purely to see what we’d been creating,” they wrote. “While all requests are seriously considered, I had no idea one picture would create the reaction & influx that it has in the last 2 days and am sorry that many requests are not possible to fulfil [sic]…I thank each & everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments, likes & shares it is completely mind blowing & left my parents & I lost for words… Xx”

We have to admit, this cake is pretty cool…What do you think of it?

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