These Wedding Cakes Did Not Turn Out as Planned…

If you haven’t discovered by now, the average wedding cake cost is not cheap. So when you put the wedding cake of your dream in the hands of what you think is a talented baker, you tell yourself it’s going to come out great. Unfortunately for these brides, that was not the case.

The before/after photos that brides have submitted to the hilarious website,, prove that your wedding cake doesn’t always turned out as planned when in the hands of a not-so-great baker.

Simple requests such as ribbons, monograms, three-tiers, fresh flower petals and more seem to have been translated into slanted cakes, dying flowers, and the completely wrong colors for the hundreds of brides who were amused enough by the results (after the anger died down, we’re sure) to share their photos. But we are so glad we did, because even though we completely feel for them, these cake fails are pretty funny to witness.

Check out the gallery above for some of the best wedding cake fails featured on the site.

Do you have a wedding cake fail? Share the story with us in the comments section below! Then, when you’re done being traumatized, feast your eyes on some gorgeous wedding cakes.

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