15 Group Wedding Photos You Have to Get!

Smile! It’s your wedding day! You may find yourself looking for some inspiration for entertaining group wedding photo ideas, and that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you up the ante on those same old wedding party and family photos. (Stale snaps no more!). This is your chance to relax and to truly be yourself with your closest family and friends. And we can’t think of a better opportunity to get a smile-worthy shot from the whole bunch. But this isn’t your average group wedding photo! These cheerful group snaps take your proofs up a notch (or twelve).

From a heart-shaped aerial shot to a bridesmaid-jumping-on-the-bed session, we’re rounding up some achievable and cute (and not super-cheesy) ideas. These group wedding photos are sure to make even the most straight-faced guest laugh (or at the very least – crack a smile). And we think they’d make for a welcomed laugh within your photo album. Or as a cheeky reminder of your most favorite day hanging on your wall. We have to admit, we’re kind of partial to the fall-inspired leaf-throwing photo. And that elevator shot of the bride with her bridesmaids? Umm, pretty amazing.

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