10 Adorable Wedding Ideas for Music Lovers

wedding ideas music
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Rock and Roll bride? Old soul? Country music fan? We hear you, lover of all things music. But snagging a great band isn’t the only way to infiltrate your wedding with music. There are so many great ways to incorporate your favorite song, artist or music genre into the fabric of your wedding. From the most romantic lyric in your wedding song, to an old favorite from your first date, we know there are a few songs out there that may just pull on your heart strings (pun intended). We love the idea of incorporating these notes as a part of your wedding décor through crafty displays and DIY projects. Here are a few of our favorites.

Hand-written Lyrics

Do you have a favorite lyric that always makes your tear up, or really evokes the true meaning of your relationship? Put them where everyone can see them! Custom wedding signs, like this one (pictured above) hand-written on a glass picture frame, are a special feature that can tie in your musical theme while telling a story about you and your soon-to-be spouse. They can fit just about everywhere, from your table card display to your dessert bar. Plus, they’re DIY friendly.

wedding ideas music
DIY via Scout and Nimble

The Wedding Gift

We are totally smitten by the idea of gifting the lyrics of your wedding song to your new husband. This décor piece, created using the sheet music of a wedding song, can hang proudly in your new home as a reminder of one of the most amazing days in your relationship. If you think this gift is more for you than for him, consider a hint. We think it makes a beautifully romantic gift on the day of your wedding (or for your first wedding anniversary, which is Paper). Though this isn’t technically a way to incorporate music into your event, we couldn’t resist the suggestion. And, if you do gift it to your spouse before the wedding, you might be able to display the frame at your wedding – just let your event coordinator know in advance.

wedding ideas music
Via Basic Invite

Song Request Response Cards

Crafty response cards? Yes, please. Versions like these ask guests to reply with a song that’ll make them get up and groove, and we absolutely love it. Think about it, that guest will be waiting all night long to see if their song request comes on. And when it does, you bet they’ll be on the dance floor (if they aren’t already due to your rockin’ band). See our top picks for the ultimate 80’s wedding playlist.

wedding ideas music
Via Diamonds for Dessert

Sweet Treats

We love the idea of commissioning your local bakery to make musical themed treats, such as these ukulele biscuits. They’re as delicious as they are on-theme, and they’ll definitely make your guests smile when desert rolls around.

Photo by Jen Huang Photography
Photo by Jen Huang Photography

Themed Table Numbers

We’ve seen a few different variations of including sheet music into table number displays. This version is dainty, and rustic without being over literal. DIY bride? This is a super easy, budget-friendly way to incorporate your music theme into your centerpiece displays.

wedding ideas music

Rockin’ Party Favors

Remember those mixed cd’s you used to LOVE? We still adore them. A soundtrack from your wedding makes the perfect give-away for your guests. The perfect audible wedding favor, especially when mixed up with your favorite love songs, dance tracks and other long time favorites sure to please the crowd. You can list the songs on your (custom) cd case or label, like the adorable version pictured above. (Check out our own editor Lindsay’s DIY Wedding Favor Mix CD here.)

wedding ideas music
Photo by James Melia

Decorative Antiques

We have to admit we fell totally in love with the idea of filling a gramophone with fresh wedding flowers from your florist. If you’re a fan of the history of music, an antique gramophone is a way to nod to music’s past at your wedding. Plus, who doesn’t love a great antique find? We’re talking to you, rustic bride. Hint: display the record with your wedding song. Love.

wedding ideas music
DIY via Honestly WTF

Unique Chimes

DIY lace tambourines? Swoon. If you’re super crafty, these easy wedding favors/music instruments are the perfect addition to your musical themed wedding. We suggest putting these on guests’ chairs at the ceremony with your programs. In lieu of clapping, they can chime in (literally) with these at the conclusion of your ceremony. Or, they can use them whenever they want you to kiss. That sound? Totally unique and utterly charming.

wedding ideas music
Photo by Caroline Tran

That Adorable Accordion Player

We’re all about bringing your personality into your wedding, so if you’re keen on the ukulele, the piano, the harp or the accordion – splurge for the extra musician that’ll give your wedding that extra character. While you probably won’t want them to play all evening, consider incorporating this music moment during the ceremony, or the cake cutting as a great surprise at the end of the evening.

wedding ideas music
Via Etsy, $3 per bundle (100 count)

Paper Hearts

Looking for alternative send-off ideas? What about heart shaped confetti made of sheet music? Besides the obvious amazing photo opp, it’s a really poetic way for you and your groom to exit. After all, guests are literally tossing lyrics of love your way.

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