19 Insanely Clever Things You’ll Wish You Did at Your Wedding

It’s easy to look back on your wedding day and wish you did this or wish you did that. Especially when you see a fantastic idea on Pinterest or other wedding website and you immediately wish you thought of that for your own wedding! Well we’re doing the looking for you, and posting ideas that we know will be a hit at your wedding and that you’ll kick yourself for not doing later. These ideas are so fun, practical, or wildly unique that they’re definitely worth sharing.

A few of our favorite ideas on this list include:

  • Numbered RSVPs
  • A Birthday and Anniversary List for Guests to Fill Out
  • Love Notes from Your Partner
  • Fun Table Numbers With Facts About You and Your Spouse
  • …and more!

Looking for more practical advice? Read about the 5 things we would have done differently at our own wedding here.



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  1. says: Amy Kelly

    What a great compilation of ideas! I am sharing them with my brides. They are always on the hunt for unique ideas.

  2. says: Becka Page

    As a wedding DJ I would love to share the right way to assign tables songs for dinner dismissal. Because oh boy, it can go terribly wrong fast. Pick songs everyone knows. One bride selected all indie folk songs and I literally had to give up and announce the song titles to get guests to eat. When dismissing tables for a wedding, if you have a double sided buffet, you dismiss 2 tables at a time. Then depending on how many people are at each table, you move onto the next two as soon as the line has about 3-4 people just about to start to dish up. That gives the next 2 enough time to walk to the buffet. So first, assign the same song to 2 tables each. (20 tables need 10 songs) Make sure your reserved tables all have the first couple matching songs and those are played first, or your old high school friends may eat before your own grandparents! Some song clips may only be 30 seconds to a minute long before dismissing the next group. If you play the whole song 2 things will happen. Consider most songs are an average of 3 minutes. I can get 200 guests though a buffet in 20 minutes. You have about an hour of music to dismiss at one per table. At 2 tables per song 30 minutes minimum. So what happens is hungry guests see an empty line and power over to it to eat. Once those people stop playing along then the whole thing falls apart. Now you are playing songs to tables who already have food, and you have to quickly change the song to accommodate a table who followed the rules. Constant changes in the music is disruptive during dinner conversations.
    I know it seems like a cute idea, but don’t attempt this unless your DJ is a pro who’s done this before.
    If you want to incorporate music with table dismissals a fun idea is to have slips of paper and pens on the table that say ”If you play —— I promise I’ll dance!” And have the DJ collect the slips as they dismiss tables. It sets a fun anticipation for dancing and gives your entertainer a nice edge on what to play later. And opens up some fun conversations!

  3. Hi ladies!

    so I can’t find the exact replica of the calendar on slide #2, but I think an even better option could be something like this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/486426984/printable-perpetual-calendar-watercolor?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=birthday%20and%20anniversary%20calendar&ref=sr_gallery_24.

    The best terms to search would be birthday calendars or birthday and anniversary calendar. There are also a lot of free printable templates out there! I hope this helps!

  4. says: Lori

    I tried to post links for calendars for you guys seeing as they can’t be bothered to answer, but the site won’t let me. If you google “perpetual calendars” or just “birthday and anniversary calendar” , things come up. I found a similar thing on etsy, there are free printables and then there are ring-bound calendars on amazon & staples, which actually may be better for this because there are more lines.

  5. says: Kristin

    I absolutely love the second idea: Have Guests Fill Out Important Dates to Remember!!
    Where can I buy one of these calendars from?

  6. says: Jillian

    Any idea where to get something like this? I haven’t been able to find the right words to pull it up.