10 Awesome Dollar Store DIYs for Your Wedding

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. The Dollar Store?! Yes! The Dollar Store is our go-to spot for cheap, craft-worthy wedding items. I mea, you can practically buy half the store for less money than you’d spend on schmancy décor elements that look almost the same. From centerpieces and wedding favors to a use for cupcake liners we would have never imagined, there are so many options for your wedding….they’re kind of endless! See a few of our favorite ideas, below.

Did you know you can shop the Dollar Store online! Yep. Definitely check it out.

1. Gold-Leaf Vases

This DIY vase is so super-easy to make. We’d love them in varying stripes with very thin delicate lines (solids, too) to use on your wedding reception tables.

dollar store diy wedding

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2. Marbled Mugs

These mugs are actually made from nail polish (I know!). They require very few materials, and you can grab some plain white mugs at the Dollar Store. These make an excellent wedding favor, especially when you add the fix-ins for a great cup of hot chocolate. Yum.

dollar store diy wedding

DIY via Handmade by Kelly

3. Topiaries

Topiaries can be the perfect accent for a seating card display or dessert table. But rather than purchasing them (which can get pricey), consider crafting them from materials found at the local Dollar Store, which is what one blogger did below.

dollar store diy wedding

DIY via AKA Design

4. Dainty Faux Floral

Who says you’ve got to have real flowers at your wedding? This option from the Dollar Store is crafty and budget-friendly. Think bud vases in a line down the center of the table for a modern effect.

dollar store diy wedding

DIY via Happiness is Creating

5. The Upgraded Paper Lantern

We’re a big fan of manipulating everyday items so that they somehow morph into something unexpectedly beautiful. A great example are these cupcake-liner adorned paper lanterns that are a lovely addition to your wedding reception.

DIY via Make + Haus

6. Tissue Paper Streamers

Take those lanterns one step further by tying them to these tissue paper streamers that are bright and cheery…perfect for the bride seeking fun and whimsical wedding decor! (Pssst. They are great for bridal showers, too!)

dollar store diy wedding

DIY via Make + Haus

7. DIY Hurricanes

Don’t you love a collection of hurricanes filled with the flickering lights of pillar candles? We definitely do! But in lieu of a professional display, you can absolutely DIY this version from the Dollar Store. All you need are hurricanes and glass candlesticks to make them a bit more formal.

DIY via Decorchick

8. Japanese Lantern

We admit this isn’t the easiest DIY project – it takes a little more material and a lot more patience than we’re used to, but it’s completely worthwhile. This Japanese lantern inspired project makes an excellent décor piece, and it’s actually made of manila folders and bamboo skewers which we still can’t comprehend!

DIY via Dollar Store Crafts

9. Mason Jar Globes

These mason jar snow globes are ethereal and magical, and we’ll bet they’d make an excellent centerpiece option at your winter wedding.

DIY via Make + Haus

10. Bottle Garland

Working on a display of bud vases with delicate little flowers? Hang them on a garland for a little extra something special. The best design pieces are sometimes the simplest ones that require less work than you’d think.

DIY via Garden Matter

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