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old black & white family wedding photo

If you’re faced with a lot of blank walls in your ceremony/reception space, a great way to personalize them is with blown-up, old black & white family wedding photos. Ask your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. to lend you their wedding photos, and use them to line either your ceremony walls/altar, or your reception walls. My fave, Country Living magazine, had a great resource on how to do this in the June 2011 issue. They used an old black & white, weatherproof photo as art for an outside living space, below.

Photo by Victoria Pearson for Country Living magazine
Photo by Victoria Pearson for Country Living magazine

Megaprint.com, which Country Living used for the above photo, makes great vinyl banners with grommets punched into the corners for hanging. All you do is upload your prints, and for less than $100 you can have a 40″W x 53″ H image made of weatherproof vinyl. Click here to order.

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So what are you supposed to do with all these blown-up prints after the wedding? See if your relatives would be into them! If so, they would make great family keepsakes. Another great idea would be to have your photographer photograph the pictured couples in front of their photo for a great addition to your wedding album.

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