If I Know Someone Can’t Attend Our Wedding, Do I Still Send an Invite?

do i still send a wedding invitation
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Q: My close friend from college has already told me she can’t make our wedding, but it feels weird to not send her an invitation? Do I send one anyway even though I know she can’t go? -Cara

A: Typically any wedding invitation or announcement that a guest receives indicates the need to send a wedding gift. So, if you know ahead of time that somebody is not able to attend your wedding, you wouldn’t want to make them think they have to send a gift anyway. Now I think this line gets a little blurred when you’re talking about close friends or family members, who will most likely be sending a gift regardless of whether they can attend your wedding or not. If you and your college friend are close, which you are, I would send a wedding invitation with an enclosed note that says something along the lines of “We wanted to send this to you as a memento. You will be missed!” That way they know you are sending it because it means a lot to you for them to have it.

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