7 of the Best Wedding Favors for Guests

I love the idea of succulent wedding favors as much as the next person, but let’s be realistic. How many people want to carry a plant home at the end of the night, let alone fly with one if they’ve traveled from out of town? You want a wedding favor that you can easily transport to the hotel or even in in the car, and that’s going to mean something you can pack or throw in your purse. Anything else is going to seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

One thing you should definitely know is that wedding favors are NOT required. They are generally an added expense that is often overlooked by guests, but not by your pocketbook. Why spend an extra $300, $500, and yes..sometimes thousands of dollars on a gift that guests might not even grab (and then you’re stuck with 50 tote bags you’ll never use). Why not put that money towards a wedding photo album or jazz band during your cocktail hour? Heck, I even think putting it towards a welcome bag would make more sense.

I’m not on a mission to get you to forget wedding favors all together. If you have the budget (or the DIY skills) to have something fabulous I say go for it. They are ALWAYS a nice touch and the guests that do take one definitely appreciate them. Which is why I’m writing this post! If you’re going to have wedding favors why not make them not only convenient, but something guests can actually use or get excited for?

I’ve included a few of my recent wedding favors ideas, below. As a side note, I try to generally stay away with anything that has your initials or wedding day front and center. I think people will be MUCH more prone to use something like a tote, coaster, or koozie if it doesn’t have other people’s named on it. Instead, think about using an emblem or design from your wedding invitation. Even a unique phrase would be fun to use as well. If you love the idea of having your names and wedding date printed or engraved on a wedding favor, then by all means do it!! It’s all about personal preference…you can’t go wrong either way.

Do you have a fun idea for a wedding favor you think guests will love? Let us know what it is in the comments section!

Tiles make great coasters, and this is an easy DIY for even people who don’t DIY. Check out a few online tile stores (like this one for $1.68/each) to find a design and price you like. Then, use an ink stamp (one that will work on porous surfaces, like this one) with your initials and complete it with felt pads that you buy at your local hardware store. I would give guests 2-3 tiles and tie them in a ribbon with a ‘Thank You’ gift tag.
Wedding Favors For Guests Coasters
Wedding Favors for Guests – Coasters
Leather luggage tags are going to be a pricier wedding favors, but if you got them personalized they could also act as escort or place cards. You can also order these Mrs./Mr. tags and have guys/girls take one accordingly. $15 for the set.
Ornaments are perfect for fall or winter weddings. Look for ornaments that are sturdy enough to be easily transported, like this chick ornament.
Notebooks are one of those wedding favors that most guests will actually use, and they can double as place cards, too.
You can never go wrong with coffee. Go to your favorite local coffee shop and get whole bean coffee (or buy in bulk at Costco), and divvy up the perfect amount for 4 cups (the general rule is 2 tablespoons of beans per cup). Then put them in burlap or paper bags for an easy take-home gift.
Wedding Favors For Guests Photo by Caro Hutchings
Photo by Caro Hutchings

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