Escort Cards that Double as Wedding Favors

The term “double-duty” is one of those highly sought-after phrases when it comes to wedding planning. Anything you can save money on and check off your wedding to-do list is alright by pretty much any bride EVER. One of these easiest ways to do this is with wedding favors! Because wedding favors can be pretty much anything you want (and can afford), there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to creative ways to make sure they are utilized in every way possible at your wedding. Whether they’re sunglasses that guests can wear at a daytime ceremony or bottle openers guests can use at a DIY cocktail bar, you can actually make wedding favors work FOR YOU and your wallet.

Wooden Table Numbers Etsy
Wooden wedding table numbers by SaiRoDesigns from Etsy

One of the best ways to make wedding favors work for you is to have them pull double-duty as escort cards (or wedding place cards for that matter). It’s a fun way to have an alternative to plain paper escort cards, and it ensures your guests will actually take a wedding favor (which is something that doesn’t always happen).

A few of my favorite wedding favors/escort cards are below. Do you have a clever escort card idea? Share it with us in the comments section!

Chalkboard Coffee Mug

Chalkboard Mug Etsy
Chalkboard Mug by WhoScentYouLLC from Etsy

Am I the only one who gets way too excited when I get a new coffee mug? I hope not, because coffee mugs are not only a great wedding favor but can pull double-duty as an escort “un-card” for your guest. One of the easiest ways to make this a wedding favor/escort piece is to get a mug with a chalkboard label on it. You can buy one that’s already made (like the one from Etsy, pictured above), or buy plain wholesale mugs and get chalkboard labels that can be removed after the wedding.


Bookmarks From Etsy
Bookmarks from Etsy

Library/book wedding themes are among my favorite, and this is a great way to incorporate a bit of literary love into your wedding. Place customized bookmarks into folded used books that each display a table number. You can buy blank or custom bookmarks with your guest names printed on each (I found one site that sold 250 custom bookmarks for $35). Creating the folded books is an easy DIY project: Glue the front/back cover to a piece of wood or other dry surface (this is where you can display the table number). Then, proceed to fold each page in half. You can trim/cut-out the book pages depending on the size of book display you need. Tip: Visit your local Goodwill or used book store to find inexpensive books.

Wedding Playlist CD’s

Custom Cd Sleeve Etsy
Custom CD sleeve by BrossieBelle on Etsy

I made CD’s with our cocktail hour soundtrack on it for wedding favors, but felt like most guests forgot to take one by the end of the night! One way around that is to have a wedding playlist CD serve double-duty as both a wedding favor and wedding escort card. Once you make your CD’s (you can read about how I made our wedding favor CD’s here) have the back of a recyclable CD sleeve list your favorite songs. On the front you can print each guest name and table number. To make it easy for guests to find their CD, display them in a CD rack or bin that is clearly alphabetized.

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters that compliment your wedding theme would be a really fun option for escort cards/wedding favors (like these mustache, tie, and lips cookie cutters from Amazon, above). Simply tie a Kraft tag with each guest name and table number to a cookie cutter and display the finished product on something fun (like a baking sheet!). While kitschy designs like the cookie cutters pictured above are a bit pricier, holiday cookie cutters sold in bulk (also on Amazon) are a more inexpensive option.

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