19 Mini Wedding Favors We Love

OK. So we have a thing with anything mini. We love mini cars and mini wedding food. And, after looking for the photos in the gallery above, we’re now obsessed with mini wedding favors. Is there a mini phone we can use to call a mini hotline?!

Mini wedding favors are perfect for guests that are traveling out of town. Or, for weddings where your space (and budget) are limited. They’re also a great way to give guests a sweet treat at the end of the night without stuffing them to the gills after a giant wedding dinner, and they’re easily packed away in a suitcase after a long night. Basically, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with mini anything. Plus, they’re just so darn cute, how can you resist?

Check out 19 of our favorite mini wedding favors above, and let us know if you’re planning on using any of these at your wedding in the comments section. Whether you’re looking for food-based wedding favors (like mini apples pies!) or something guests can keep (such as the mini easels, suitcases, or a potted plant), there are a ton of options to choose from.

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  1. says: Lizeth Olvera

    I’m planning my 10th anniversary and is going to be only family and I would like to request a catalogue of the mini wine, champagne and other flavors.
    Thanks Lizeth Olvera

  2. says: Christie

    I would love to order the mini wine bottles but there is no link to it and when you click on the picture it says website can not be found. Please help

  3. says: Lois

    I am really liking those mini wine bottle..How would I go about making an order or just making them for my wedding in May??

  4. says: Lacy Billings

    I would very much like to see about ordering the wine bottles as well as the little mini Cinnabons and the tens so I need a price on those my phone number is 470-539-3964