This Wedding Website Took Us Less Than 30 Minutes to Make


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Woo-hooo! You’re engaged! You’ve posted on social to let everyone know, but it seems like just as soon as you finish uploading your Insta-story, you’re already receiving messages from far-flung friends and relatives asking when and where the wedding is. Um, you’d like to know, too! While you won’t have all those wedding details for a bit, one of the best things you can do when you’re ready is to create a wedding website to share all the fun details as you get them. And thankfully it’s easier than ever to make one!

Squarespace is one of the best website builders out there, so it’s no surprise that they would be one of our favorite options for a personal wedding website,  too. Not only do their designs look fresh and modern, but they offer eight curated website templates that work for so many different wedding themes and styles. The best part? Squarespace makes building a website actually FUN (seriously), and everybody from a novice to a pro can get theirs up and running in no time.

We’ll get into exactly how we did it, but here are a few tips and tricks to get you started…

  • Tool functions are called “Blocks” – such as a text block, audio block, image block, etc.
  • “Sections” and “Pages” are different things. A section can have several pages. For example, you can create a new section for each event, etc.
  • You can use one of their awesome templates as is, or make design changes to an existing one as you go – it all depends on you!
  • The Squarespace support team is seriously awesome – don’t hesitate to chat if you have ANY questions.
  • No matter if you spend 10 minutes or an hour creating your Squarespace website, your friends (not just your Grandma) will think you’re a tech genius.

OK…here’s what we did to set up our Squarespace wedding website.

1. Have all your key information on hand

Gathering all your important wedding information before you start creating your wedding website will make the entire process a breeze. Here’s a few of the goodies you’ll need, below:

  • Wedding registry info
  • Event date(s), time, location
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Parking details
  • Attire suggestions
  • Destination restaurant, shopping, and sightseeing recommendations
  • Couple photos – professional engagement photos are always a great option, but you can use any of your favorites!

If you don’t have ALL of these details, we still suggest starting a website sooner rather than later, especially once you get your wedding registry info in. Guests really want to know!


2. Select a template and start creating your wedding website

Go to and click “Create a site” at the top right of the page, then follow the prompts to create an account. Note: You can try it out with a 14-day free trial, or if you’re ready to go you can choose from their monthly or annual website options ($16/monthly or $12/month plus taxes when you choose the annual option, which also comes with a custom domain). Then, select a template from the weddings category. One of our faves is “Naomi,” so we chose that one.

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3. Name Your Wedding Website and Start the First Page

The first thing you’ll be asked to do is to name your website. We named ours “Jen and Craig” (super creative, I know) but you can also use your wedding hashtag or something totally funny or unique. It’s your website–be creative!

Next, we edited the cover image by clicking on the “banner” text at the top of the page. We removed the image that is currently there and uploaded one of our favorite engagement photos (you can also add a video here, which is awesome.)

Once you’ve picked your cover photo, you can easily change or delete the existing template items on the ‘Overview’ page by clicking ‘edit’, or click the ‘+’ sign which will display the different content blocks you can add or modify. We love seeing all the different options!

One feature we really love that few wedding websites offer is the ability to add audio to your site. The easiest way to do this is to upload a .mp3 file (or just link to SoundCloud using the ‘SoundCloud block’ option). BTW, Squarespace’s FAQs and guides are suuuuuuper helpful and will teach you how to make a website like a pro.

Tip: Make sure to click “Save” after you’ve made a change you’re happy with. You can also hit “Cancel” to undo any mistakes ☺.


4. Add or Delete Sections/Pages

This is your wedding website and the world is your oyster, right? So add or delete as many pages and sections as you want. I thought the date page was redundant since we have the date on the overview page, so I just deleted it. To delete any page, use the left panel and click on ‘Pages,’ which will show you the outline for your website. If there is a page you want to delete, click the settings icon when hovering over a page. When the edit tool pops up on that right for that page, you’ll see the option to “Cancel” “Delete” or “Save” that page.

Each wedding template demo has all the pages you need built in, but if you’re using a different template the pages we suggest having include a “When and Where” page (with all your event details) plus an “Our Story” page. This is the part where you can talk about how you met, how you got engaged and all of the mushy, cute stuff along the way. People LOVE to hear your story – so make it entertaining!


5. Add Photos

We love how clean and modern the gallery feature is for photos, and it’s super simple to use. You can add a gallery from the left panel as a ‘Page’ or ‘Section’. If you’re using the demo you would just delete the stock photos used in the template, and easily upload as many of your favorites as you want.

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6. Registry

There are two ways to add your wedding registry(ies) to your Squarespace wedding website. You can add an image block to a page and add a click through URL to it (you can find that in the ‘Design’ tab when you add an image), or if you have a Zola wedding registry what’s SUPER cool is that you can actually embed it right on the page via the special ‘Zola’ block.


7. The Design

While we totally love Squarespace’s color palette, it’s really easy to edit the colors to fit your wedding theme if you want to as well. On the left navigation bar, just click “Design” then “Style Editor.” You can choose any color for any part of the page. Pretty cool, huh?

We kept our wedding website simple since our wedding didn’t have a ton of events, but if you’re planning a destination wedding or have several events planned, it makes sense to add a few more pages to help guide the way. Think of this as the information guru for your wedding. The more information here, the less phone calls you receive from guests asking where to be and when.

Now, if only planning the wedding was that easy!

You could have your Squarespace wedding website up and running TODAY! Just use the code WGM to get 10% off. Yeah, we heart you, too.


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