How to Set Up a Honeymoon Fund Guests Will Appreciate

Weddings are fun, but they’re also A LOT of work. Which is why one of the best things to look forward to after months of planning is the most epic trip you’ve ever been on…your honeymoon! And what better way to do that than with a honeymoon fund.

While over 70% of couples will plan a honeymoon at some point after their wedding, there’s another stat that’s a little less exciting, and that’s the cost. 

On average, couples are spending over $5,000 on their honeymoon. And that’s just an AVERAGE. I can tell you that we spent more than that on our two-week honeymoon, and might have spent the average on just our flights and cruise alone. And that doesn’t include the hotels and restaurants and bottle of champagne you’ll most likely want to drink along the way. 

Thankfully, it has become WAY less tacky to ask guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund than it was even just a few years ago. In fact, it’s becoming more and more rare to find a couple’s wedding registry that doesn’t include a honeymoon or cash fund. 

Honeymoon Fund
Honeymoon Registry Hitchd

A large part of that is because honeymoon registries—like the recently launched Hitchd—no longer feel like you’re just asking for cash. They’re thoughtful and modern, and they allow you to create “gifts” for every part of your honeymoon. This means guests no longer feel like they’re just depositing funds into your account for who-knows-what. Instead, they know their gift is going towards something you’re going to love—like two tickets to Paris! 

So, what are guests looking for when it comes to a honeymoon registry? Read on to see what they’ve said…

Honeymoon Fund Travel

An Easy to Use Honeymoon Fund

More than 70% of your guests will likely be accessing your registry on their phones, so you want to make that experience as seamless as possible. Hitchd was recently voted the “Best Mobile Experience” for honeymoon registries, offering guests a beautiful and easy way to buy your registry gift online. They’ve also opted for an ad-free interface in exchange for a one-time fee for couples to use the platform, so your guests won’t be bombarded with products for sale (like some “free” honeymoon registries do).

Honeymoon Fund Flights

Focus on Experience

One of the biggest reasons why honeymoon registries have gotten so popular is the way they’re presented.With a focus on experiences rather than one big “fund,” guests feel like they are contributing to something tangible.Hitchd couples, for example, have added everything from a cross-country road trip to a European cruise to their honeymoon funds.Once you decide what you want to fund, the more specific you can get…Think “Dinner for Two” at your honeymoon hotel.
And “Scuba Diving Certification.” Whatever you can imagine, you can create a gift for it. Explore the possibilities here.

Honeymoon Fund Welcome To Our Registry

Give a Heartfelt ‘Thanks’ for Your Honeymoon Fund

You don’t just want to send guests to a sterile honeymoon registry page. You want to thank them before AND after your wedding for being part of your special day. Hitchd actually helps you come up with your own honeymoon fund wording with their honeymoon registry wording generator. This is the text you’ll want to put on your registry page to welcome guests and let them know they’re appreciated.

After you receive your gift, be sure to send a wedding Thank You note within three months of your wedding, if not sooner. We love that Hitchd helps you track who gave you what, and allows you to send a photo of your experience along with a special message of thanks. How fun would it be to send a photo of the honeymoon dinner Aunt Beth gifted you along with the note “Thank you so much for this AMAZING dinner!! It’s one we will always remember.”

Honeymoon Fund Registry

Secure Payment Options That Won’t Break the Bank

It might not be the sexiest part of a honeymoon registry, but when you pay for ANYTHING online you want it to be safe. Make sure the honeymoon registry you’re using offers a secure payment processing option. For instance Hitchd uses Stripe to process all payments, which is considered one of the best (and safest) payment processing options. 

Hitchd also offers some of the lowest credit card processing fees (between 1.4-2.9% depending on country and currency). You can also choose to absorb that fee for guests, which we always recommend. 

The time has never been better to set up a honeymoon registry. Click here to start yours on Hitchd!

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