This is How Much the Average Bride Spends on Wedding Shoes

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Wedding shoes are one of those weird wedding accessories that you can find yourself spending almost nothing on, or if you try on a certain pair you can feel like all of a sudden you’re spending your entire outfit budget!

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Thankfully most brides, however, seem to err on the lower side when it comes to their wedding shoes. According to a new survey from Zola, 70% of brides spent under $100 on their wedding shoes. Ever wondered what TYPE of wedding shoes other brides are wearing? Here’s what the brides they surveyed said as well:

  1. Traditional high heel (33%)
  2. Flat or sandal (27%)
  3. Kitten heel (10%)
  4. .Bridal sneaker (6%)
  5. Wedge (4%)
  6. Other­: Barefoot, ballroom dance shoes, cowboy boots, and one bride said “handmade leather fairy boots.” LOL.

I can tell you from experience that I wore mine once–on our wedding day–and I’ve yet to put them on since. So I’m definitely a fan of spending as little as you can on a pair of shoes that are comfortable and stylish but don’t break the bank. And it’s not that hard to find!

Shop Wedding Shoes Under $100

In this post are a few of our favorite wedding shoes under $100 (all of which you can buy online), above. No matter how much you spend, just be sure to think about shoe accessories to make your feet as comfy as possible throughout the night, such as heel pads or inserts. Hopefully your feet will get their happily ever after, too!

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