What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear at Your Wedding?

Q: I’m on the shorter side and I LOVE to wear heels, but I know how uncomfortable they can be when you stand in them too long. What kind of shoes should I wear with my wedding dress?- Valerie

A: Wedding shoes are definitely frustrating because unfortunately, they cost WAY more than you want them to AND most of them are still uncomfortable. So what’s a shoe-loving’ gal supposed to do? I think you have two options, depending on your budget:

  1. Buy a pair of wedding shoes under $100 (ASOS and Blue by Betsey Johnson have some great, inexpensive options), and then also buy a pair of super comfy flats like Tieks. Wear your heels for all your pre-wedding photos, as well as your ceremony and first dance. Then, as soon as you’re done with that last twirl, change into the flats and wear those the rest of the night to dance in.
  2. Go all in and splurge for a pair of Jimmy Choo or SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker heels (which I hear are super comfortable, as far as heels go), and a pair of insoles (Fancy Feet has tons of options for heels) so you can wear your heels ALL. NIGHT. LONG. If you are spending a lot on your wedding shoes, try to get a pair that can either be dyed black after, or are even in a color that you would wear again and again.
  3. Check out a few of our favorite wedding shoes, below!

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