Brides in THIS State Have the Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Photo by Adria Lea

It’s always so interesting to discover what brides across the country are doing, and how their wedding planning compares to yours! Lots of fun polls give us insights such as how much brides are spending in certain states (in case you’re curious, these are the most expensive cities to get married in), the most popular dates to get married on, as well as when brides are getting engaged. And now thanks to our friends at Brilliant Earth, we can see what TYPE of engagement rings they’re buying as well!

Guess what? Brides save the most money in THIS state!

Check out the infographics below, which reveal things like which states care most about carat size, color, and if they have a preference for vintage rings, too. The biggest surprise to us? That Nevada spends the most on their engagement rings! We would have thought it was New York or California for sure.

What state do you live in? Do any of these results surprise you? 

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