New York Wedding Planners Share Their Favorite Wedding Vendors

There is an endless supply of astonishing wedding vendors to be found in all the nooks and crannies of the United States. From the snowcapped mountains out west to the city streets of the east coast, and from the chilly northern expanses to the sunny southern shores, wedding bells are ringing every day and wedding vendors are blowing minds with their incredible work. So, with the help of some of the top rated wedding planners, we decided to highlight a few of the remarkable wedding vendors delighting brides daily in each state!

New York is home to some of the most jaw-dropping views and one-of-a-kind experiences. It is also home to some of the most talented, edgy and knock-your-socks-off wedding vendors in the country. So, we asked some of the best New York wedding planners to share their favorite local wedding vendors, and these are just a few of the incredible vendors they shared…

Welcome to New York!

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The Whiteface Lodge

“This is a rustic, luxury wedding venue like no other on the East Coast,” says Elexis Gaines of Placid Planner.


via Jason Thomas Crocker Photography & The Foundry

The Foundry

“The Foundry hands down! With most venues, you’re lucky if you have more than two spaces to work with. The Foundry, an old industrial space, has 6 spaces to work with meaning you never having to worry about any flips. Each space is unique, including a 3,000 square foot courtyard covered in ivy,” says José Rolón of José Rolón Events.


Mountainaire Gatherings Photography

“Whitney’s package is ‘unlimited until,’ which means my couples never stress about what they do and don’t have time to capture,” says Gaines.

via Amber Gress

Amber Gress, Chaz Cruz, Chellise Michael & Craig Paulson

“It would be impossible to choose one with so many talented photographers offering different styles. There’s a movement that’s been happening in the last 10 years with wedding photographers, and Amber Gress, Chaz Cruz, and Chellise Michael are at the forefront of this. They refuse to be bound by convention, and each have their own individual approach. But we also can’t ignore some of those who have been in the game for 20 years but know very well how to play the game in 2018. Craig Paulson is amongst those,” says Rolón.


Black Sheep Gardens

“Black Sheep is a farmer-florist and traditional florist with no storefront that travels to the clients. A true destination-wedding florist,” says Gaines.

via Ivie Joy

Ivie Joy

“There isn’t a single event she doesn’t bring 200% to. You will give her a budget and she will have your wedding look like it was double what you pay for. Her installations are sick, and she works in a way that doesn’t get her ego involved. You want something? Ask. She delivers,” says Rolón.


Marcey Brownstein & Pinch Food Design

“Marcey Brownstein is a caterer whose menu is never the same. I’ve done over 30 tastings with them, and they’ve rarely repeated a dish. Each menu is uber specific to the couple based on a various factors, from duplicating a dish from your favorite restaurant in the Meat Packing District to your grandmother’s sticky rice. Another caterer I love is Pinch Food Design. You can’t compete with what they’re doing right now in their various pop-ups. I mean, the last wedding we did, they had their server walk around with umbrellas with Churros hanging off of them!” says Rolón.

via Lily and the Rose Gourmet Catering

Lily and the Rose Catering

“These are farm-to-table caterers whose attention to detail separates them from the more commercial caterers. They honor the seasons using local, regional, organic and bio-dynamically farmed products,” says Gaines.

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Nine Cakes & Madison Lee’s Cakes

“Want something modern, stylistic and fly with buttercream? Then you want Nine Cakes. Want grand, structural, with fondant that actually tastes good? Then go with Madison Lee’s Cakes!” says Rolón.

DJs & Bands

Silver Arrow Band

“This is a national band with a hub in both Manhattan and the capital region (Albany, NY). They are legit always available due to a high number of professional musicians,” says Gaines.

via The Barnstorm

The Barnstorm

“They rock it every time, and they’re playful with the guests. Each member offers such different range,” says Rolón.

Hair & Makeup Artists

Facetime Beauty

“Because they do it all and do it well! And the artist you get for your trial is the one you get on day of. This is not always the case,” says Rolón.

via Sarah Cebulski Photography & Amanda Hopcraft

Amanda Hopcraft

“Amanda is an extremely talented seasonal NY wedding vendor who spends summer-fall in New York and winter-spring in Florida. Amanda offers the full package and my brides just love her,” says Gaines.

New York is filled to bursting with incredible talent, and it makes selecting wedding vendors such a challenge. We hope we, and these incredible wedding planners, have given you a place to start your search!

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