11 Holiday Gifts Every Bride Will Want

Whether the proposal was last week or the wedding is next month, a bride-to-be who is in the midst of wedding planning can use all the help she can get. While “I’m engaged!” mugs are fun, these 11 holiday gifts are sentimental as well as useful.

Hair, Makeup, or Nail Service

More than anything, a bride who is months away from her wedding wishes she could set aside questions about guest lists and floral arrangements to just be pampered for a moment. Give the bride-to-be in your life the gift of a relaxing hour (or two) this holiday season with a blow dry, mani/pedi, or even a makeup session. Better yet? Give her a gift card to Glam Squad, so she can feel like a celeb and have the services come to HER.

Toasting Flutes

A set of toasting flutes definitely pull double-duty, since couples can use them at their reception and on special occasions years after the wedding. Plus, they serve as a great reminder to the bride in your life that the wedding will be here soon, and she’ll be surrounded by friends and family sharing the special day and celebrating (and drinking champagne!).

Toasting Flutes Gift for the Bride
Toasting Flutes, $125 set of 2

Newlywed Christmas Ornament

The trouble with Christmas ornament gifts is that no one ever thinks of them until Christmas, but by the time presents are opened on Christmas day you’re about to pack the tree away for another year. A sweet newlywed Christmas ornament given before the wedding ensures that the couple will have an ornament commemorating their big day throughout the holiday season.

Wedding Magazine Bundle

Every bride-to-be is hungry for wedding dress inspiration or ideas for wedding reception décor, but doesn’t always have the time (or money) to snag every one she wants. Head to your nearest bookstore and select 10 wedding magazines and tie them up in a beautiful bundle. The gift will be a sweet and welcome surprise, providing hours of inspiration and daydreams for a friend in the midst of planning a wedding.

Wedding Magazine Subscription
Wedding MAgazien Subscription

Ring Box

Getting used to wearing an engagement ring can take a few weeks, but getting used to NOT losing it can sometimes take even longer. Having a place to keeep your engagement ring (and soon to be wedding ring) safe from pets, kids, and also while traveling will definitely be appreciated. We’re big fans of the Mrs. Box, which are gorgeous, vintage-inspired velvet ring boxes that you can also monogram.

Velvet Purple Wedding Ring Box
Velvet Purple Wedding Ring Box via MadelnRose, $23

Class Pass

Staying active and exercising is not only a great way to get fit before the wedding, but it also helps you reduce stress, sleep better, and and has so many other added health benefits. Class Pass is perfect for brides who want to try out several workout classes at in her area without having to commit to just one.

Thank You Notes

Once the bridal registry is live and the gifts start rolling in, the amount of wedding thank you notes a couple has to write can feel overwhelming. While you can’t write all the notes for the bride (that would be amazing. LOL), you can at least save her trips to the store by buying her a few boxes of chic thank you notes. For an added bonus, choose cards in her wedding colors or with her wedding location on them.

Framed Engagement Photo

In the whirlwind of wedding planning, a bride-to-be might have barely had the chance to look through all of her engagement photos, let alone get one printed and framed. Ask her fiancé or her mom which of the photos are her favorite and have it printed and put in a gorgeous frame for a gift she’ll always remember.

Personalized Journal

Wedding planning can get so time-consuming, it’s hard to remember whether or not you’ve eaten lunch, let alone the sweetest thing your fiancé said to you yesterday or what it felt like trying on your wedding dress for the first time. A journal where the bride-to-be can keep all her engagement and newlywed memories is a sweet and unexpected holiday gift that she can look back on years later.

Bottle of Wine and Your Time

Sometimes all you really need is a bottle of wine and a friend to share it with. Wedding planning can be exhausting, discouraging, stressful and just so darn long, so give your best friend an evening in or a night out with some wine, sweet treats and good conversation. Maintaining friendships while wedding planning can sometimes be a challenge, so reassuring her that you are always there for her no matter what is really the best gift of all.

Bottle of Wine and Picnic
Bottle of Wine

Address Stamp

Save-the-dates. Invitations. Bridesmaid proposals. Thank you notes. The amount of mail a bride sends from the moment she’s engaged until months after the wedding is staggering. Give her hand a break by giving her a lovely, personalized address stamp for the holidays. Although I warn you, once you see how great they look and how many hand cramps they save, you will probably want one for yourself, too!

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