10 IKEA Hacks That You Can Totally Copy for Your Wedding

Planning to DIY a few projects for your wedding? Look no further than Ikea for budget-saving ideas and serious wedding hacks that’ll make your projects that much cheaper and easier (without looking like you skimped on the décor). We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Ikea wedding hacks that are sure to impress even the most sophisticated guest.

All photos via IKEA

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1. The Dip-Dyed Napkin

Creating beautiful napkins is an easier task than you think. You’ll need plain napkins, fabric paint, a paint brush and water. Literally, that’s it. Easy as pie.

Natural Beige Napkins
Natural Beige Napkins, $9,99 for 4


2. The Cookies in a Jar Favor

Getting married in the fall or winter? A homemade batch of cookies is sure to be on everyone’s list during the cold winter months. Offer a jar of your favorite cookie mix by layering dry ingredients in small, airtight jars. Complete it by attaching a list of the wet ingredients, so all of the information is right there for each of your guests.

3. Lamp Shade Décor

Mastering the art of transforming everyday products into exceptional DIY projects is every crafty ladies’ dream. Like the idea of simply adding tape to these paper lamp shades that give them diversity, texture and color.

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4. The DIY Flower Wall

Flower walls are beautiful but can cost a total fortune from your florist. If you’re looking for a great backdrop for photo opportunities, this DIY idea from Ikea will help save you money AND promote creativity.

5. Simple Centerpieces

Centerpieces don’t have to be elaborate, floral displays. In lieu of traditional floral arrangements, DIY these dainty stems in a selection of eclectic glassware.

6. Decorate with Ornaments

Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas. This hanging centerpiece is a DIY masterpiece that incorporates ornaments without looking too much in the holiday spirit. Plus, we love the purple hues.

7. LED Windows

If your venue has a ton of windows (and you’re getting married in the winter), an easy way to add some jazz to the room is to decorate the windows with LED lights. This zig-zag pattern is simple to replicate, and it requires very little doing on the day of your wedding.

8. Cozy Spaces

While lanterns are a great addition for your aisle decorations, they also make a great choice for accenting cozy spaces at your wedding reception. We love little nooks where people can gather and grab a cocktail. And you can have them moved from the aisle to the reception so they serve two purposes, which is great for the budget.

9. The Tea-Infuser Truffle Favor

Looking for a super creative wedding favor? This tea infusers from Ikea stuffed with truffles is so genius. Plus, you get two gifts in one, since guests can use the tea infuser for fresh pots in the future.

10. The DIY Shibori

We’re all about shibori dye. We mentioned tie-dyed napkins previously, but these décor pieces that take on the trend are totally getting our vote (especially that room divider that went from being blah to cool).

Room Divider
Room Divider, $199,99
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