Wedding Cake Alternative: Pavlova

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Having lived in Los Angeles for more than a year now, I’ve learned 3 things.

1. The traffic is insane

2. There are a lot of Australians

3. The traffic is insane

Australians are to Los Angeles what the French/Brits are to New York City. It’s the closest American city to them, and it’s a lot like their hometown. I happen to love Australians not only for their love of drinking, but also for their desserts. What’s not to like, I ask you?!

I never knew Pavlova was common in Australia until I went to my first Australian dinner party last year. They broke out the egg-white based dessert (which is similar to meringue, but I think better), and topped it with another Australian staple: passionfruit. The dessert was simple, delicious, and light. I’ve yet to make it, but it’s a perfect dessert for dinner parties, brunches, showers, and even weddings.

If you’re not into having a wedding cake and cupcakes bore you, talk to your catering company/bakery about pavlovas, instead. You can top them with whatever is seasonal, or have a selection of fruit on the side. Plus, I imagine they’re fairly cheap to make. Win-win.

Click here for Country Living’s Boysenberry Pavlova recipe


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