How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

Trying to decide on a palette for your wedding? This is the best way to come up with inspiration for your wedding colors

A wedding’s color palette is perhaps one of the most paramount (and frustrating!) decisions that a couple makes in the planning process. The selected combination will not only set the tone for the entire wedding, but also limit the options for other stylistic decisions. This is one of the reasons that you should take certain steps before making a final decision, which we’ve broken down for you below.

We’re also here to help with the actual selection process! We’ve gathered both popular and obscure combinations, from blush and bashful to rich and romantic.

Before You Choose Your Wedding Colors

Save the Date

You don’t necessarily have to choose a color palette according to the season of your wedding date, but the time of year should at least influence your decision. Use the following color schemes by season for inspiration:


via Shishko Templates
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via Your Wedding Photos
via BRest Daily


via MyWedding
via Elegant Wedding Invites


via Linen Tablecloth
via Beacon Lane

Pick a Venue

There’s a myriad of colors to choose from, which is not the case for wedding venues. You don’t necessarily have to sign any paperwork or put a down payment on a venue before you even think about a color palette — in fact, you should sort of make these two decisions simultaneously — but just like colors, a venue has a profound effect on a wedding’s aesthetic. What you don’t want are awkward combinations like a modern, chic color palette set in a rustic barn.

When touring venues, make sure to note the style and hues of the walls, carpets, curtains, any nonremovable decor, and so on. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, start to think about your vision for the wedding. A general idea of what you want will help you pick both a venue and colors in conjunction.

However, if you’re completely clueless, it’s obviously best to pick a venue that serves as a blank slate.

Consider the following…


The color scheme for a casual wedding is going to be a lot different at a wedding that’s black tie. Try to have an idea of how ~swanky~ you want everything to be before you select a color palette.


Yes, certain colors are going to be more expensive than others. For example, a couple who opts for a black and white wedding is going to save a ton of money on invitations alone.

The Number of Colors

“The more, the merrier,” doesn’t apply in this case. It’s best to stick to three colors max. However, if you want to have more options, it might be best to create a palette by picking two traditional colors, and three or four additional shades.

Choosing Colors

Do Your Research

…especially if you want your wedding to be on par with current trends. Scour the internet for up-to-date ideas, but make a final decision by looking at swatches or actual accents (like flowers or tablecloths) in person.

Opt for Pantone Shades

Pantone‘s wide-ranging colors are your best bet at having everything at your wedding match. Instead of choosing generic hues like “maroon,” you can find a Pantone color and easily communicate it to a florist or baker to ensure continuity.

Avoid Neons

Any colors that are overtly bright or colorful aren’t going to look natural, and will instead distract from the actual accents. You’ll also be more at risk for clashing, since most neon colors are so distinct that they don’t fit well with others.

Stay True to Your Style

Your wedding should reflect your personality, and the color palette plays a big part in that. You shouldn’t necessarily just choose your favorite colors; however, keep in mind the shades that you generally gravitate towards. Any colors that you’d typically never wear or incorporate into your life should obviously be avoided.

Top Color

Our Favorite Wedding Colors









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