We Found the Best Fall Wedding Ideas for 2023

Normally I’m the kind of person who wants to hang onto warm weather for as long as I can, but this year has been unusually HOT and I’m ready to stop sweating! I’m actually yearning for the day I can put on a sweater and some boots and actually want to drink a hot beverage. Which is why it was so much fun to go search for these fall wedding ideas. I’m ready for fall in a big way.

I was a fall bride (we got married in October) and I loved taking advantage of all it had to offer…even though we got married in Florida where it’s perpetually summer. 🙂

Despite the warm temperatures down south, I still used lots of yellows, oranges, hot pinks and reds for our wedding decor. What we lacked in fall leaves we made up for in color, that’s for sure!

There are so many gorgeous fall wedding ideas out there that you’ll definitely have fun deciding which direction to go in. We’ve included a few of our favorite, below. And when you’re done be sure to browse our gallery above and see if any inspiration strikes you. 

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best fall wedding ideas

The Best Fall Wedding Ideas

Dreaming of a fall wedding? Most couples are! In fact, more than 20% of couples say “I Do” in October. And while you don’t have to make your decor all about the season, all is so ripe with amazing ideas that it’s hard not to incorporate one or two elements from it into your big day.

Decorate with Fall Foliage

Falling leaves are how the season got it’s name in the first place, so you should definitely incorporate dried, amber-color leaves wherever you can. You can use fall foliage in lieu of extra blooms in bouquets; create a runner of them for your tables; mix them into greenery for added texture, and even add them to your fall wedding cake! But perhaps our FAVORITE way to use fall foliage is to have guests toss leaves (instead of confetti, dried lavender, or rose petals) as your walk back down the ceremony aisle. It’s must for such a picture-perfect moment!

Incorporate a Touch of Plaid

As soon as September comes around I’m ready to pull my plaid shirts out of storage. And guess what? They’re not just for football Sunday! Tie a plaid shirt over your wedding dress for photos or to stay warm during the reception if you’re having a rustic, outdoor wedding. You can also use plaid tablecloths or napkins to cover your wedding tables (or even your ceremony backdrop!) with a touch of fall whimsy.

Have Fun With Apples (or Pumpkins)

Seasonal fruit such as apples, pomegranates, and pumpkins can be incorporated in both your decor and food this time of year. For decor, you can leave a collection of them “au naturel” in big wooden or brass bowls for bountiful fall wedding centerpieces. Or, you can spray paint them a beautiful gold and use them to weigh down place cards for guests on an entry table.

And don’t stop at fruit decor! Mini apple and pumpkin pies (served in mason jars), caramel apples, apple cider, and pomegranate cakes are all delicious additions to a fall wedding theme.

Snuggle Up With Blankets

It’s the little things that guests remember at a wedding. A perfectly placed blanket (or pashmina) over or on their chair works as a practical way to keep them warm during chilly fall nights, and make a great wedding favor. You can find inexpensive throw blankets starting around $4/each at Ikea, Etsy, or Amazon.

Opt for Cocktails with Warmer/Spicy Notes

If you’re having a signature cocktail, go for spicier drinks like a Manhattan, Boulevardier, mezcal cider or even a boozy hot chocolate. Not only do the rich colors complement autumn weddings, but they have a warming quality that will have guests asking for seconds!

Wear Textured Fabrics

Velvet bridesmaid dresses. A faux fur wrap. Tweed groomsmen vests. A beautiful black wool suit. Heavier fabrics work great for fall wedding attire, whether you’re getting married inside or out.

Fall Wedding Ideas FAQ

What is a good time for a fall wedding?

October is one of the most popular wedding months, because the weather is still generally mild and people are done with their summer vacations. While November is still a great month, you’ll want to be mindful of having your wedding too close to Thanksgiving. So many people travel for this holiday, that having your wedding even within 2 weeks of it can cause conflicts. 

What are popular wedding themes for fall?

Rustic, luxe, and vintage are beautiful wedding themes for fall. For rustic weddings, think fall foliage, cowboy boots, and real pumpkin vases filled with freshly picked wildflowers. If vintage is more your style, place mismatched vintage bowls filled with pomegranates alongside fresh greenery on your reception table.

Looking for something more luxe? Drape velvet and tulle on your tables and chairs and add sweeping arrangements of dusty garden roses and pampas grass.

What are the best start times for a fall wedding ceremony?

First, you’ll have to decide if you want to do a first look. If you’re not having a first look, it means you’ll have to do all your photos after the ceremony. In that case, you’ll want to aim to start your ceremony 2 hours before sunset. (You can find sunrise and sunset information for your area here).

If you are having a first look, you should plan on having your ceremony start an hour before sunset so you can sneak in a couple great “golden hour” photos if you need to.

With all that said, if you don’t care about the sunset, you can start your wedding ceremony after as well! We had a 6:30 p.m. ceremony in October, and it worked out great. It’s all up to which light you prefer, so talk to your photographer and see what they suggest.

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