How to Freeze Your Wedding Cake so It Lasts a Year (and Still Tastes Great!)

how to freeze your wedding cake
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Most newly married couples assume you can just wrap your wedding cake topper in some foil and pop it in your freezer and a year later you’ll have a fun (and tasty) remembrance of your wedding day. The tradition of saving your wedding cake dates back hundreds of years to when couples would eat a piece of their cake (generally fruit cake, which was MUCH easier to save considering it’s already practically preserved) for the christening of the first child, which was expected to happen within the first year.

While that tradition sounds great (and is thought to bring good luck!), if not done properly what ends up happening is that you haphazardly freeze your wedding cake, take a bite on your first anniversary and realize “oh my god this is AWFUL.” Yup. Totally happened to me. So, take this advice! This is how you properly freeze your wedding cake so you (and your taste buds) can enjoy it.

You’ll want to try and save the top tier of your wedding cake, or if your wedding cake does not have tiers (or you want to use it at your actual wedding), just save a slice that’s big enough for two. Since you probably won’t remember to do this after your wedding reception, ask your wedding planner, parents, or one of your bridesmaids if they will do the honors.

1. Remove any non-edible decorations (such as the wedding cake topper). If the cake tier is on cardboard, you’ll want to wrap that in aluminum foil first.

2. Place your cake in the freezer (as soon as possible after your wedding) for a couple of hours to pre-freeze the frosting so it becomes firm.

3. Wrap the entire piece or tier gently in saran wrap, making sure not to miss any spots or get any air bubbles. The more you use, the better, since this will prevent ultimately prevent freezer burn.

4. Next, wrap the cake 2-3 times in aluminum foil.

5. Put the cake in freezer-safe, air-tight Tupperware and place it in a part of the freezer where it can sit undisturbed for a year.

6. A day before your first anniversary, transfer the cake (still wrapped and in the container) from your freezer to the refrigerator.

7. After a few hours, remove the cake from it’s wrappings and continue to defrost.

8. Bring the cake to room temperature BEFORE eating (usually takes about an hour)

9. Enjoy!

Note: If the thought of freezing and eating your old wedding cake freaks you out (totally understandable) most bakers are able to make you a small, fresh version of your wedding cake (minus the design) to enjoy instead.

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WGM’ers! Are you planning on freezing your wedding cake?

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