18 Wedding Cake Toppers for Every Type of Wedding

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So you’ve tasted the cake samples and made a decision on the frosting and the filling. But now how to decorate that cake? Whether you’re going naked (we’re talking cakes, here, people! LOL) or you’re dressing your cake with fondant and sugar flowers, there’s just one accessory left to think about it. And that’s what to top it off with! From your names in gold glitter to a pair of adorable elephants, there’s no shortage of great options to choose from for a wedding cake topper. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’re rounded up a few of our favorites here. The best part is, all of these can be saved as keepsakes after the wedding. But if you’re not about keeping mementos, you can totally reuse them for years to come at other fun celebrations, too!

Wedding Cake Topper Adventure

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The Mr. & Mrs. Last Name topper is a simple yet chic option for the bride and groom looking to personalize their wedding cake. For couples with longer last names, we recommend contacting the seller to make sure it’ll hold well on the cake before placing your order.

Traditional Wedding Cake Topper
Traditional Wedding Cake Topper via OlaBarabolaDecor, $22+

We’re definitely biased (since we kind of love elephants), but this cake topper of two elephants holding a “love” sign is most definitely one of our favorite wedding cake toppers.

An Elephant Wedding Cake Topper
An Elephant Wedding Cake Topper via Sugarplumcottage, $46

Silhouettes and their surname? Is anything more adorable? The black acrylic with lovely detailed cut outs on the dress and flowers make this topper to look perfect.

Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper
Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper via TrueLoveAffair, $26,50

This crocheted bride and groom cake topper is such a quirky surprise, and we love it for that. Perfect for the whimsical bride and groom seeking something truly unique to top their cake with.

Crochet Wedding Cake Topper
Crochet Wedding Cake Topper via IvoryTreeHouse, $27

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Getting married in the winter? How about this pair of adorable snowmen for the top of your wedding cake? Look at how the snowman has his arm (err, twig) around his new wife! We’re obsessed.

Snowman Wedding Cake Topper
Snowman Wedding Cake Topper via claycutiesbymellisa, $110

Looking for something a little less glitz and glam and a little more DIY? This sign is charming and sweet, and we can totally see it paired with a modern one-tier cake.

Banner Wedding Cake Topper
Banner Wedding Cake Topper via Hanaforest, $22,50

Just a couple of lovesick penguins, are you? These little babies will be just the right accessory for a wedding cake topper. Not a fan of penguins? No worries. We love this Etsy shop’s eclectic collection of options (check out those owls!).

Penguin Wedding Cake Topper
Penguin Wedding Cake Topper via miapoye, $122

If you’re really in the market for something truly personalized, we recommend ordering custom figures like these. You can provide several photos of yourselves (as well as the dress, bouquet, hairstyle, accessories, etc.), and the figures will be created based on that as well as any other direction you provide.

Custom Wedding Cake Topper
Custom Wedding Cake Topper via Hellominime, $159

Looking for something woodland’s inspired? We have just the idea! This cake topper is totally charming and perfect for your backyard rustic bash.

Fox Wedding Cake Topper
Fox Wedding Cake Topper via Wonderfu11yWhimsical, $30

There’s something about the phrase “About Damn Time” that makes us smile each time we see it. So it’s no surprise we were smitten by this cake topper that forgoes the traditional Mr. and Mrs. for this sweet saying. Have another phrase you love? You can also order a custom sign through this Etsy seller.

Love Quote Wedding Cake Topper
Love Quote Wedding Cake Topper via NgoCreations, $20
Butterfly Wedding Cake Topper
Butterfly Wedding Cake Topper By SugarRobot, $8
Ceramic Wedding Cake Topper
Ceramic Wedding Cake Topper By Susabellas, $36,99
Custom Bobble Head Wedding Cake Topper
Custom Bobble Head Wedding Cake Topper By Hellominime, $159
Dried Flowers Wedding Cake Topper
Dried Flowers Wedding Cake Topper By LetterloftUK, $60
Flamingo Wedding Cake Topper
Flamingo Wedding Cake Topper By Lovenesting, $40
Gold Wedding Cake Topper
Gold Wedding Cake Topper By WeddingPros, $15,30
Greatest Adventure Wedding Cake Topper
Greatest Adventure Wedding Cake Topper By PrettyLittleLaser, $27
Vintage Wedding Cake Topper
Vintage Wedding Cake Topper By MyBloomingNest, $45
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