14 Seriously Amazing Wedding Cakes

I never know how to feel about wedding cakes. On one hand I think it’s definitely an area that you can save money on, and on the other I look at amazing wedding cakes like these and think “You should spend ALL the money!!” on one. In fact, maybe a better solution is to get multiple wedding cakes and use them as decor on your wedding reception tables in lieu of flowers, and that way if your wedding cake looks as cool and unique as these, you’re getting double-duty decor for your money instead!

Regardless of budget, these cakes are truly stunning and really deserve to be admired as works of art rather than a dessert that your guests may or may not eat. If you do end up getting a cake as crazy cool as these (lucky you!) be sure to get LOTS AND LOTS of photographs of it. I barely remember eating mine, but I loved the way it looked and feel like at the very least I have a photographic memory that it existed. Lol.

We rounded up our favorite unique wedding cakes in the gallery, above. From stained glass replicas and cakes hanging from the ceiling to ones that seem to defy gravity in other ways, there are some really cool wedding cake designs out there, and these are some of the best ones!

We found even more unique wedding cakes here!

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