Where to Find Mini Wine Bottles for Your Wedding

When it comes to favors for bridal showers, engagement parties, and especially your actual wedding day, there’s nothing better than giving something a guest can actual enjoy. That’s why we love gifting mini wine bottles for pretty much any wedding event. The tricky part? Where to find them! We’ve gathered our favorite resources for mini wine bottles, below, as well as fun DIYs you can use to personalize them for your wedding (or other celebratory event!)

What are mini wine bottles called?

This might seem obvious (we heard that “duh!”), but these small wine bottles have a different, technical name: Piccolo. Translating to “small” in Italian, they can also be referred to as a split or quarter bottle and are considered the smallest wine bottle.

How much wine is in them?

Mini wine bottles are 187 ml, and are equal to 1/4 bottle of regular wine. (In terms of ounces they are around 6.03 oz). This is slightly above a standard wine pour, which is 5 oz (or 147 ml). The next size up would be a half bottle of wine (also called a demi) which has 375 ml of wine.

Where to buy mini wine bottles

You might be surprised to know that not every winery makes mini wine bottles. In fact, almost none of them do! Our research discovered that there is one main retailer of mini wine bottles: Sutter Home. Based in California, they are the number one producer of 187 ml bottles in the U.S., and are available via several retailers including Target, Walmart, local beverage stores, and directly on winery websites. (Note that you’ll also see brands such as Seaglass and Ménage à Trois, a sweet wine, available in mini bottles, and those coincidentally enough are also owned by Sutter Home.)

mini wine bottles

Currently, Sutter Home produces several varietals of wine in 187 ml bottles, including:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Red Blend
  • Pino Grigio
  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Rose
  • Red and pink Moscatos

They also have a selection of Fruit Infusion wines and wine cocktails, including Sangria.

If you’re looking for something besides Sutter Home, there are one or two retailers that specialize in minis for gifting purposes, such as Personal Wine.

We have also recently found more bespoke 187 ml wine bottles from brands such as In Good Taste and One Hope (which offers 10% of the purchase price to a charitable cause of your choice).

mini wine bottles
Via In Good Taste

WGM Says: While it’s rare to find different producers of mini bottles of wine, that is not the case for mini champagne bottles. You can find several large wineries producing smaller bottles of champagne and sparkling wine or prosecco, such as La Marca , Chandon, and even the chic Sofia sparkling wine from Francis Coppola.

How much are mini wine bottles?

On Target.com a 4-pack of Sutter Home mini wine bottles is currently $6.99 ($1.74/bottle). On Sutterhome.com they average the same price per bottle, however you can also take advantage of their promotions, such as one they are currently running for 20% off mini wine bottles.

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The Personal Wine minis on the other hand come in a case of 24 and include a custom label for $129 ($5.37/bottle). They also offer bulk discounts, and you can save 5-20% depending on whether you buy 2-16 cases. There’s also the time factor considering the bottles come with a custom label already on the bottle.

mini wine bottles personalized label
Via Personal Wine

More bespoke options from In Good Taste and One Hope range from $5-$10/bottle, respectively.

How to use mini wine bottles for weddings

Minis work great as wedding favors. Since they are easy to carry, you don’t have to worry about them going bad or melting (like candies or other food). You can buy them as is and just put a cute ribbon on them and a favor tag. Or, buy ones with customized labels (like the ones from Personal Wine, above).

Alternatively, if you’re crafty you can create a custom label and print/apply them yourself. This DIY from Something Turquoise, below, is adorable. They make a great gift for guests that also travels well if you’re having a destination wedding.

DIY Mini Wine Bottles
DIY via Something Turquoise

Mini Wine Bottles FAQ

Who sells mini wine bottles?

While 175 ml bottles are predominately manufactured by one winery (Sutter Home) they are available across various retailers, including Target and Walmart. Smaller wineries are beginning to offer them as well, such as In Good Taste.

Can you take mini wine bottles on a plane?

Since you are limited to 3.4 oz of liquid in a carry-on, you would not be able to bring the minis through security. Once you pass through security, however, you may purchase wine or other alcohol from a duty-free store. You can bring it on board as long as it’s 24 percent ABV or lower. Note that FAA regulations prohibit passengers from consuming alcohol on board unless you are served by a flight attendant. You may also check bottles of wine as long as they are unopened and secure in your bag. Alcoholic beverages with more than 24% ABV (but no more than 70%) are limited to 5 liters per passenger.

Find more adorable mini wedding favors here.

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