Which Bridal Style is Your Fave?

While every bride is unique, there are definitely certain styles that we can be drawn to, especially when it comes to wedding dresses. Whether you’re looking for a simple yet chic gown or a dress fit for a princess (we hope you’ve been practicing your wave!), sometimes the best way to find your dream wedding dress is to see which style you love the most. From beachy and boho to royal and ravishing, we found a few gorgeous dresses that’ll undoubtedly fit YOUR unique bridal style, below! Which ones are your fave?

The Minimalist

Left to Right: GLL ‘Arlo’ ($1,650.00-$1,760.00), Demetrios ‘Style ME144’ ($680), Morilee ‘Paxton’ ($875), Mark Zunino ‘Style Z6121’ ($1,699.00), Morilee ‘Melissa’ ($628)

Less is more for this type of bride. If you’d like to revel in the simplicity of clean lines and chic shapes, any of these dresses would do wonders on your big day.

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The Romantic

Left to Right: Morilee ‘Lucrezia’ ($1,199.00), GLL ‘Marloe’ ($2,000.00-$2,499.00), Demetrios ‘Style DP394’ ($3,105.00)

What better day to don lace or blush than on your wedding? Romantic dresses boast elements like tulle, delicate tones, and other feminine details that’ll help any bride who loves love create a dreamy, fairy-tale worthy look.

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The Boho Bride

Left to Right: Demetrios ‘Style 877’ ($2,200.00), GLL ‘Yeo’ ($1,000.00-$1,499.00), Morilee ‘Poesy’ ($1,650.00)

Light and airy dresses are effortlessly beautiful, which is what this type of bride is all about. With these gowns, you’ll evoke a sense of wonder all while feeling much more relaxed than you would if you opted for a tight corset or huge ball gown.

The Anti-Bride

Top Left to Right: Morilee ‘Madonna’ ($2,724.00), Demetrios ‘Style ME138’ ($900.00), GLL ‘Hollie 2.0’ ($2,420.00) Bottom Left to Right: GLL ‘Sol’ ($2,500.00), Morilee ‘Piper’ ($775.00)

Who needs tradition, anyways? You know your wedding isn’t going to be like any other, and you want your dress to reflect that, too. Opt for an alternative dress like these and all your boho dreams are sure to come true.

The Detail-Oriented Bride

Left to Right: Morilee ‘Laurette’ ($2,499.00), GLL ‘Fabienne 2.0’ ($2,035.00-$2,189.00), Demetrios ‘Style DP366’ ($4,485.00)

You’re a perfectionist, and have likely been planning your wedding for years (even before the birth of Pinterest). Details are important to you, meaning that while elements like appliqués and embroideries may go unnoticed to others, you revel in them.

The Royal Bride

Left to Right: Morilee ‘Rachel’ ($879.00), Demetrios ‘Style DP392’ ($2,760.00), Morilee ‘Duchess’ ($999.00), Demetrios ‘Style 7950’ ($1,872.00)

Whether you’re more Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton, if you’re this type of bride, you tend to prefer traditional and sophisticated styles. Be your own princess on your big day with these fit-for-a-royal gowns.

The Hollywood Glam Bride

Left to Right: Morilee ‘Kali’ ($1,517.00), Demetrios ‘Style DP330’ ($3,950.00), Demetrios ‘Style DP386’ ($2,750.00), Demetrios ‘Style DP378’ ($2,760.00), GLL ‘Lake’ ($1,500.00)

For you, there’s no such thing as extra. When it comes to your dress, take a cue from old Hollywood and opt for glitz and glam. After all, you’re supposed to feel like a star on your wedding day, right?

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