Planning to Live Stream Your Wedding? You’ll Need This

Nobody could have predicted the meteoric rise of virtual weddings, yet most experts predict they’re here to stay. Even after wedding guests can safely mingle and dance all night again, live streaming your wedding will continue to be a great way to include those who can’t make your event. The problem? There hasn’t been an easy way to share your important wedding details— including videos and streams—all in one place. Until now!

live stream your wedding
via Joy

Joy, one of our favorite wedding planning websites, recently introduced the ability to live stream your wedding directly on their platform. So whether you’re having a 100% virtual wedding or a hybrid wedding with a mix of in-person and virtual guests, you can say goodbye to random Zoom links and keep all your wedding info in one place. Not only that, but Joy is now the only wedding website that gives you the ability to upload videos. That means you can upload your proposal video, wedding video, and even a recording of your wedding on your website, giving guests an easy way to instantly relive all those fun memories, no matter where they are.

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live stream your wedding
Guests can now access your virtual wedding directly on your Joy website.

Keep Your Virtual and In-Person Guests Updated

Now more than ever, personal wedding websites have become the most important tool to help you share information with guests. Whether the majority of your guests are in-person or virtual, you’ll want to create a wedding website that uses the most up-to-date technology possible. Which is why Joy always tops our list.

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live stream your wedding
Send a digital Change-the-Date with Joy.

Your wedding website should help you not only organize and plan your wedding, but provide guests with all the information and updates they need regarding your date, location, safety protocols, registry, and RSVP…all on one website!

Here’s a look at everything you can do with Joy:

  • Joy is 100% free to use, including free digital Save the Dates and invites that match your wedding website (and save you time and money). You can also send guests e-cards to remind them of important details and protocols.
wedding planning tools
Send important messages to guests using Joy’s custom e-cards.
  • Create your Joy wedding registry to add any gift you love, from anywhere online, to one easy place for your guests to shop. Whether adding gifts, cash funds, experiences, charitable donations, or linking to an existing registry, Joy can support all your registry needs.
wedding planning tools
Joy’s universal registry lets you add gifts from anywhere.
  • Live stream your wedding directly on your wedding website using Zoom, Google Hangouts, YouTube Live, Vimeo, or EventLive.
  • Send guests important information with mobile push notifications. You can also activate an announcement banner on your site to highlight recent changes or new event.
live stream
Send mobile push notifications directly to guests.
  • Use Joy’s robust mobile app to plan and update all your wedding details on the go, including your guest list. Joy’s Guest List tool is actually really incredible. You can add tags for each guest, group them into households (super important for health protocols), and assign plus ones.
stream your wedding
Joy has one of the best guest list tools available.
  • Ask guests custom questions (such as where they’re staying and meal choices) with their powerful online RSVP.

Better Basics

While Joy is not the only wedding website option, they manage to also make these features stand out among the crowd.

  • Hundreds of website designs to choose from, as well as the ability to customize layouts, fonts, and add photos and videos. You can also opt to not add a wedding date just yet if your plans are up in the air.
stream your wedding
Joy has hundreds of gorgeous website designs that are completely customizable.
  • Trusted privacy settings. You can choose to make your website public or password protected. Or, you can choose to password protect certain pages (like for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, virtual wedding stream, or bachelorette party).

  • Easily create a FAQ page to give guests all the information they need, such as whether masks will be required and other pertinent details.

  • Make travel a breeze for guests with Joy’s integrations for Google Maps, and Uber/Lyft. You can also pre-populate your event dates into their ‘Booking Assistant’ feature, which helps guests find the best travel deals and avoid any booking hiccups.
virtual wedding planning
Help guests figure out where they’re going with Joy’s travel tools.

  • Allow guests to upload their own event photos to the interactive shared ‘Moments’ album. With this, users can like and comment on photos.

The Future of Weddings

Weddings are changing. Couples and guests are looking for the best platform to share those important wedding details. And if all or some guests can’t attend in-person, they want an easy way to share the day virtually! Even if you don’t live stream your wedding, you can help make your wedding as comfortable and enjoyable for you AND your guests with a Joy wedding website. Click here to start yours!

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