This Trick Will Help You Predict Your Wedding Day Weather

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In the months leading up to our Miami, Florida wedding I was OBSESSED with the forecast. While we were having both our ceremony and reception inside, our cocktail hour was outside and I was really looking forward to it. And like most brides, I wanted a beautiful, sunny day for photos and our guests! I was also super worried about hurricanes, since we were still more than a month away from the end of it with an October 16 wedding date, and, well, a hurricane would have been no bueno obviously.

Then I came across the Farmer’s Almanac. Now, this almanac is is no way 100% right all the time, but their track record for predicting weather months and months ahead of time is pretty decent. I bought their year-long wedding forecast and it predicted sunny weather the entire week of our wedding, and they were surprisingly right. It’s by no means a guarantee…nobody can give you that…but it actually gave me some sense of comfort.

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While their extended wedding weather forecast will cost you a whopping $4.95 for the online version, you can actually get the next two months of weather predictions free on their site. (Click here and enter in your city/state). So I did some digging to see if their predictions for this week have been right so far.

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For instance, take a look at their predicted forecasts for Portland, Oregon for the months of July and August:

JULY 2017:

temperature 68° (3° above avg.); precipitation 0.5″ (avg.); Jul 1-5: Showers, cool; Jul 6-10: Sunny, turning hot; Jul 11-19: Isolated showers; warm, then cool; Jul 20-31: Sunny, turning hot.

AUGUST 2017: temperature 68° (2° above avg.); precipitation 1.5″ (0.5″ above avg.); Aug 1-6: Sunny, turning cool; Aug 7-15: A few showers, cool; Aug 16-22: Sunny, turning hot; Aug 23-28: Sunny, warm; Aug 29-31: Showers, cool.

ARE THEY RIGHT? Totally. The current, actual weather for the next seven days is sunny with temps in the high 80’s, which is exactly in line with their “sunny, turning hot” prediction for July 20-31.

Now Nashville:

JULY 2017:

temperature 79° (2° below avg.); precipitation 4.5″ (avg.); Jul 1-4: Sunny, cool; Jul 5-14: Scattered t-storms, warm; Jul 15-18: Sunny, hot; Jul 19-31: A few t-storms, cool.

AUGUST 2017:

temperature 79° (1° below avg.); precipitation 4.5″ (1″ above avg. north, 1″ below south); Aug 1-5: T-storms, cool; Aug 6-12: Sunny north, t-storms south; Aug 13-19: Scattered t-storms, hot; Aug 20-24: Sunny, nice; Aug 25-31: Scattered t-storms; cool, then warm.

ARE THEY RIGHT? For the most part. The next seven days will see 4 days with a chances for thunderstorms, though with temps in the 90’s it’s not necessarily cool.

Since that one was half right lets look at Aspen, Colorado, one of our fave destination wedding spots:

JULY 2017:

temperature 73° (avg.); precipitation 0.5″ (avg.); Jul 1-4: Scattered showers, cool; Jul 5-8: Sunny, hot; Jul 9-15: Scattered t-storms, turning cool; Jul 16-24: Isolated t-storms, turning hotJul 25-31: Sunny; cool, then hot.

AUGUST 2017:

temperature 72° (avg.); precipitation 1″ (avg.); Aug 1-4: Sunny, hot; Aug 5-16: Scattered t-storms, cool; Aug 17-22: Sunny, hot north; scattered t-storms south; Aug 23-31: Sunny, turning cool north; a few t-storms, warm south.

ARE THEY RIGHT? Yes. Temps are going into the 80’s and there are isolated thunderstorms pretty much every day the 16-24.

So far 2 1/2 out of 3 is pretty good. If you’re looking at wedding dates and want to at least attempt to pick a day that is supposed to have decent weather, it’s worth checking it out! Or if you’re a nervous bride like I was, it could help you sleep just a little better at night when it comes to wedding planning.

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