The Best Amazon Wedding Dresses for 2023

amazon wedding dresses
You can find an assortment of Amazon wedding dresses online for under $100

If you’re looking to save on your wedding dress (and really, who isn’t), or you’re looking for a no-fuss, fast shipping experience, Amazon wedding dresses might be the right option for you. We would have never believed it could be a reliable resource for affordable wedding dresses, but we’ve actually heard from quite a few brides who have found their dream wedding dress on Amazon without blowing their budget. So, we thought we would do a little online shopping to see what we could find to help you save on your big day.

Does Amazon Sell Wedding Dresses?

Believe it or not, yes! While Amazon doesn’t put a huge focus on the available wedding dresses on their platform (they more focus on the guest), they are there if you dig into their Fashion/Dresses/Wedding Dresses categories.

They currently have over 1,000 “wedding dresses” ranging from $70-$4,000 You’ll even find dresses priced much lower than that, but we’d advise you to skip over those (more on that below).

While Amazon does have a large inventory of wedding dresses for sale, don’t expect to find discounted designer finds. The only recognizable name we found on a recent search was Adrianna Papell. With that said, they do have some designer replicas, which I can’t endorse buying. If you’re looking for a designer wedding dress at a discounted price, you’re better off searching for a sample dress, which is often discounted up to 50% or more. That’s how I found my wedding dress, which was normally priced at $8,000 and sold at sample sale for $2,500.

Also, while you’re searching for wedding dresses, be sure to search for prom dresses as well evening gowns. These formal styles tend to come in white and can definitely pass as a wedding dress, so don’t leave those terms out of your search!

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Is it Safe to Buy Wedding Dresses from a Store Like Amazon or Alibaba?

Like any purchase from an online marketplace where there are individual sellers (vs. one company where there is lots of oversight), you have to do your research to make sure the product is authentic. You’ll also want to read reviews as well as make sure there is a buyer protection in place against fraud. Also, if you can’t return an online wedding dress and give yourself time to try it on to make sure you like it, don’t buy it!

You also need to take reviews with a grain of salt. A recent study found that more than 40% of Amazon reviews were fake, so don’t rely solely on positive reviews. I’m more likely to trust a review (especially of a dress) if there is a real photo attached to it.

You also have to remember that the saying “you get what you pay for” will always be true. Especially when it comes to something as intricately designed as a wedding dress. Fabrics such as silks, tulle, lace will always be expensive. It’s just not possible to have a high-quality wedding dress priced for less than a few hundred dollars. If it is, you’ll likely end up with a dress that is not sized properly or fabrics that are itchy and not up to par.

However, it’s completely reasonable to expect to find a dress with less expensive fabrics (like polyester) with a simple design for less than $100. Bottom line? Keep the quality and style in mind when you look at prices. Then, try to figure out if a deal is too good to be true.

Remember to Think About Sizing

As with any online purchase, you’ll want to keep sizing in mind. It’s always better to size up and plan on getting the dress tailored to fit you, versus having to take it out which was can be a much more complicated process.

You’ll also want to note that if you do get it tailored (and chances are you will need to), it will likely add at least $70 to your purchase price. It might even be more like $200+. So be mindful of what the reviews say, especially when it comes to sizing, particulary in the bust. We’ve read lots of reviews where the dresses offered too little or too much coverage.

Keeping tailoring in mind, it’s also better to opt for styles that are more flowy and less fitted. A mermaid silhouette will involve more tailoring to achieve a perfect fit than an a-line.

How We Looked for Amazon Wedding Dresses

We exclusively looked for wedding dresses that had 4-star ratings or higher, and that had reviews which featured real photos so we could see the fit. We also looked for dresses that had lots. of size options.

All of the dresses we found were returnable at the time of publishing as well (though some had a 30-day or less return period, so be sure to carefully check yours), so if you didn’t like the dress or if it didn’t fit you would be covered. Free returns are a must!

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While several of these dresses are romantic yet simple, a couple of them surprised me by how well designed they were. With ornate beading and lace, I would have never known they were from Amazon.

An Amazon wedding dress is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable dress for your wedding day with a classic style, or if you’re even looking for a second wedding dress or reception wedding dress to wear after your nuptials. Here are our top picks!

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