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Creating a wedding registry was, admittedly, one of my favorite parts of planning a wedding. I mean, who doesn’t like creating a wish list of gifts that magically show up on your doorstep? Nobody, that’s who! But in all seriousness, there were times I found the process to be confusing and oddly stressful. Which store would be the best to register at? Or if I did more than one, how many should I have? Two? Four? And what about those traditional universal wedding registries? Those were great because they let me pick out products from any store I wanted, but they almost NEVER worked the way I wanted them to (“I have to click WHERE to get your address?” my Aunt actually called to ask me). And after all that you don’t get the perks of additional discounts on the remaining products once your wedding is over.

The biggest struggle I came up against when creating my wedding registry, however, was that I either couldn’t find the style of products I wanted at just one or two stores, or I just didn’t know where to look. So I ended up registering for completely uninspired gifts that, in hindsight, were totally random. That old-timey popcorn maker? It’s in the trash now. That oddly shaped glass object that was neither a bowl nor a vase? It’s gathering dust in my cabinet. What I REALLY needed was somebody who would help me create a curated selection of gifts that matched our style (like a super stylish friend who tells you where all her favorite stores are). Which is exactly what I feel like you get with Zola, a wedding registry that if I had to go back in time and do mine over, would be at the TOP of my list.

Super Curated Collections…All in One Place

I review wedding registries. A LOT. And since it came out in 2013 I’ve become pretty obsessed with Zola. They’ve managed to make the wedding registry process not only super easy, but completely functional, stylish, and dare I say, cool? I could spend hours adding products from their Starter Registry Collections (I also love looking at what other couples have registered for in their Registries We Love section). Not only do their curated selection of products save you a TON of time because you don’t have to register at multiple stores to find everything you want, but I REALLY love how flexible the Zola wedding registry app and website are. For example, in addition to registering for every room in your house, you can also add local experiences (available in 13 cities) such as a sushi-making class or brunch cruise. There are also national experiences you can register for, such as a subscription to WINC, a monthly wine club that sends a selection of new wines to your house every month. Looking for something super practical? Register for an Artifact Uprising wedding book, or a 2-person Blue Apron meal plan, which I never would have thought of adding on my own, but once I saw it I immediately said ‘Yes!’

I Want Everything

I’ve always thought Zola had a really great selection of curated products (from unique brands such as Coyuchi to elegant standbys like Le Creuset and Mikasa), but getting to see the products first-hand at the Zola Townhouse in New York City can make you feel like a kid in a candy store. You can scan items in-person at the shoppable “home” and instantly add them to a Zola wedding registry, which can feel so much more personalized than going into a giant department store where you have no idea where to start. Check out this page to visit the Zola Townhouse in NYC, or see if a Townhouse is coming to your town.

Fund Your Dream Honeymoon…or Date Night

Aside from traditional products or unique experiences, if you’re interested in setting up a honeymoon and cash fund but are worried about how to present this option to guests, I think Zola does this really, really, well for you. I love that you can add a gift such as $1,000 roundtrip airfare with a note telling guests it’s for your dream Hawaiian honeymoon, or that you can add something super fun such as “Drinks with a view” or “Horseback riding on the beach” for your honeymoon as well. (You can also enable group gifting so guests can go in together on big ticket items.) Giving guests the opportunity to see what you want to spend their cash gift on is a great way to make it feel like they’re actually giving you something with meaning, which is BIG in my book.

Here’s just a few of the other reasons why we recommend Zola for couples looking for a one-stop wedding registry experience:

  • Free shipping on all items.
  • Price matching on qualifying products (if you or your guest see the same item at another store you can contact Zola to see if it qualifies for their price matching program).
  • Gift tracker lets you see who gave you what (great for sending “Thank You” notes), and you can also manage when Zola actually mails the gift to you (you can have them send it now or hold until after your honeymoon or you move into that new house).
  • Import existing registries from other stores so you have one main registry link to send guests.
  • Super low credit card processing fee on cash gifts (2.5% is the lowest of any other wedding registry).
  • Virtual returns let you exchange an item before it’s shipped. You also get a Zola credit that never expires for every gift you return.
  • You can add your favorite items from partner stores such as Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn or West Elm (Guests will just be given your address and directed to that store’s site to make the actual purchase).
  • Include gifts from ANY website by pasting the product link into their “Add From Another Site” portal, or by dragging their ‘Add to Zola’ button to your bookmarks bar and clicking on it whenever you see a product you want.

Can you tell we’re in love with Zola? Seriously, we are. Sign up for a Zola wedding registry (and get a $50 credit!) and tell us about your experience! We think you’re going to love it as much as we do.

We’re super proud to have Zola be part of the WGM Guest List! Learn more about their amazing features and start adding gifts to your wedding registry at


*You will receive $50 to spend on when you set up your wedding registry on, and receive $500 in Zola gifts. Zola gifts will be defined as any physical products purchased on Cash funds or third party gifts from other websites are not considered Zola gifts. The $50 Zola credit can only be redeemed for Zola gifts and cannot be redeemed for cash, cash funds or third party gifts. Credits will be placed into the couple’s Zola account 4 weeks after a couple receives $500 in Zola gifts.

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