6 Things to Know Before You Pick Out Those Flower Girl Dresses

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Seeing adorable little girls walk down the aisle in their darling flower girl dresses has to be one of our favorite parts of a wedding ceremony. But there are a few things to think about before you start passing out the flower crowns. We’ve got a collection of helpful information to unscramble the myths.

1. What is the traditional role of the flower girl?

Usually young in age, the flower girl is typically three to eight years old. We say typically, because, there are NO rules, this is your wedding. For example, my niece, nine-months-old at the time, was our flower girl (though her parents held her down the aisle), but it made us all really happy to have her name in the program and have her be a part of our wedding day. Alternatively, some ladies are giving the role to their grandmother or the groom’s grandmother, and we absolutely love that. At any age, the flower girl’s role is to precede the maid of honor down the aisle, scattering flowers as she walks. She’ll also usually follow the ring bearer – or walk down with him. And though traditionally the flower girl scatter petals, she can also throw things like confetti. Alternatively, in lieu of a basket of goodies, many flower girls also carry a pomander, a small sphere of delicate flowers, like baby’s breath. But you can get as creative as you want! If you’re having several flower girls, have the oldest bring a wagon full of little tots down the aisle. Or, have them all hold balloons or blow bubbles down the aisle. It’s totally up to you!

2. Who do you ask?

A flower girl should be a child who you have a close relationship with, whether it’s a niece, cousin, close friend’s child or a child of your own. WGM note: You can never have too many flower girls!

3. What does the flower girl wear?

Flower girl dresses are usually white frocks that have ruffles, embroidery, sequins, you name it. There really are no rules. Flower girl dresses are sometimes a mini-version of the bride’s wedding dress, because, really, what’s cuter than a baby in a bridal gown. And, while it’s traditionally colors like ivory or light pink, you can opt for brighter, bolder colors that match the bridesmaid’s dresses and/or your wedding color scheme. The choice is really yours as to what the flower girl’s dress should look like. See our favorite flower girl dresses here!

4. Who purchases the dress?

It’s customary that the flower girl’s parents will purchase the dress for her. Though just as with choosing your bridesmaids dresses, you’ll get the opportunity to choose several dresses that might work for the occasion. We suggest making sure to have budget friendly options that the flower girl’s parents can choose from. Hint: It’s always great to have cheaper, more affordable just-in-case flower girl dresses in-tow, in case of wardrobe malfunctions or last-minute spills.

5. Where do you get adorable flower girl dresses from?

Some of our favorite flower girl dresses are from Etsy. There’s such an assortment of styles and colors, and we’re absolutely sure you can find something that fits your taste in such an abundance of dresses. Retailers like Dessy and J. Crew offer several options as do traditional department stores like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s. We also adore boutiques like Janie and Jack that always offer a great selection of special occasion dresses. We suggest purchasing several flower girl dresses and trying them on the flower girl before committing to one. She might not like the fit or the fabric of the dress, and if that’s the case, you’d rather know now than later. The best piece of advice is to make sure she is absolutely comfortable, and is excited to wear it the day of your wedding.

6. How do you say thank you for being a part of your wedding day?

It’s important to reward the flower girl for being part of your special day. This will make her feel important, and keep her excited for the day’s activities. If she’s old enough, a delicate necklace or bracelet she can wear for the event is a beautiful gift. If she’s a bit younger, you can go with a charming option like a little handkerchief that she can then use at her wedding one day!

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