6 Super Smart Home Essentials Everybody Should Have

My husband and I have lived together for about 10 years now (what?!), and have gone through what seems like A LOT of stuff when it comes to our home. While we’ve upgraded our towels, sheets, knives, and even pots and pans through the years, there are items that I really feel have totally transformed the way we cook, clean, and eat/drink. Here are 6 home products that have definitely become ESSENTIAL for us lately.

Home Essentials Kithcen With Pots

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A Rolling Laundry Sorter

We live in an apartment that unfortunately doesn’t allow for a washer/dryer in our unit, which means we have to lug our laundry downstairs to the laundry room every time we want to do a load of wash. After a couple of years of killing my back trying to drag 10 lbs. of laundry (plus bottles of detergent/bleach!) downstairs, I had the bright (and pretty obvious) idea to just get a rolling hamper that I could easily take down with me. Bonus? This rolling laundry sorter lets you sort your lights/darks ahead of time, which means less wasted time spent going through dirty clothes on laundry day.

A Crazy Awesome Blender

We use this bad boy for SO many things. I’ve made smoothies, soups, salad dressings, desserts, and even pasta sauce in our Vitamix, and they all turn out super delicious. It will last you forever and save your countertops from having to use multiple appliances to do the same thing.

A Professional Pepper Grinder

You know how when you go to a restaurant and they grind fresh pepper over your favorite pasta? It’s waaaaaay better than the store bought, pre-ground kind. We keep our pepper grinder by our stove-top so we can grind fresh pepper into recipes, then bring it over to the dining room table for extra spicing.

An Actually Attractive Trash Can

If we got to design our own kitchen I would definitely put in a hidden trash drawer, but in the meantime we have a sleek trash can that completely blends in with our other stainless steel appliances. The slim design of this trash can means it takes up very little space, and it fits perfect alongside our kitchen island.

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A Cordless Vacuum

Confession: I hate using our expensive plug-in vacuum, but I will use our cordless one ALL DAY LONG. Whether I need to pick up all those kitchen crumbs after cooking dinner, or the crazy amount of hair I seem to shed any given day (seriously, ladies, you know what I’m talking about), having a cordless vacuum has completely changed the way we clean our floors.

An Apartment-Friendly Wine Cooler

Now some of you might not consider a wine fridge an “essential,” but, um, in our house it is. LOL. We love wine tasting and shopping for unique wines, and over the years I’ve really seen how much better they can taste when stored at the right temperature. This wine fridge is perfect in the narrow space we have in our dining room hidden next to our book shelf.

Tell us, brides! What are YOUR home essentials??

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