Real Brides On What They Wish They Had Registered For

The theory on wedding registries could not be more confusing. Some couples avoid creating one altogether, while others register for every zester, water goblet and $500 blender stores have to offer. Of course wedding registries are an amazing way to get all the products you need as you both start your new life together (and for guests who have no idea what to get you), but they can often be overwhelming to create.

I have been married for less than a year, but I’m already immensely grateful that I took the time to register — particularly for a quality set of kitchen knives, with sharpeners built into the block. When I began to expand my cooking repertoire, chopping, peeling and slicing became essential, as did a reliably sharp set of tools. I also quickly started to wish I had registered for more kitchen storage.

Five other women who have gotten married within the last five years shared their favorite items from their registries, as well as the ones they wished they had included. Hopefully their experience will help you decide how to put together a wedding registry of your own!

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The newlywed outdoor explorers

Laura and her husband, who have been married only five months, love hiking, camping, biking and adventuring with friends. It comes as no surprise, then, that her favorite item from her registry fits perfectly into their outdoorsy lives.

“I love everything we put on our registry, but I think my favorite is our portable grill,” she said. “It’s great for our state in life, and it’s portable so you can bring it to the park or camping so other people like our friends can benefit from it, too.”

But when you’re grilling out, you’re bound to have leftovers. Storage is an often-overlooked must for most couples — Laura and her husband included.

“Some nice Tupperware would have been nice because we’re using old crappy stuff that’s not going to last,” she said.

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The big-city tenants

Megan and her husband of eight months currently call a modestly sized Boston apartment “home.” Despite limited space, these two love entertaining friends. So it makes sense that her favorite item from their registry is a bar cart.

“It gives us good-looking extra storage and serving space in our small apartment,” she said.

But despite having the perfect tool for entertaining, she now regrets that she didn’t register for more cart accessories.

“I wish I had more wine glasses to actually go on the bar cart when we have people over. It was a silly oversight, and we only ended up with 2!” she said.

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The military family on the go

Anna is the definitive example of a supermom. While her husband is deployed, she is caring for two little boys under three years old and maintaining a job in web maintenance and design. Unsurprisingly, this busy momma is most grateful that she registered for durable cookware.

“I’m so happy we registered for our set of copper-bottom stainless steel pots,” she said. “When life gets crazy, it is invaluable to have kitchen items that are easy to take care of and reliable. Plus they have measurements inside which makes for less dishes!”

However, she forgot to include a key kitchen item that she has since added to her collection: a Dutch oven.

“You think it is just a fancy pot, but it isn’t! The fact that it can be used on the stove or in the oven with a lid is unique. And they are so damn expensive!” she said.

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The academic and the engineer

Samantha, a doctoral candidate on her way to a Ph.D., married her best friend, an engineer with a more than full-time job, four-and-a-half years ago. When they put their registry together, the challenge was that, in combining two fully furnished houses, they already had most of what they needed. So when she looked back on her registry, Samantha was most grateful for the items that became theirs, rather than hers or his.

“For me, the best things in the registry were things that made our new house together a home,” she said. “When we got [the comforter and sheet set], it made it feel like we were setting up a joint life together instead of just bringing our own stuff into a new place.”

When asked what she wished she had included on her registry, she immediately answered: “A CROCK POT!” She said that she has one now to make chili, pulled chicken and pork and mac-and-cheese and that it’s helpful to have those easy-to-cook meals.

“It’s so great because I can leave it and forget it,” she said. “With busy lives, it’s so nice not to have to worry or stress about dinner.”

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The stay-at-home momma

Brittany has been married for four years, and in that time has become a mother to two beautiful babies. Family meals are essential for them, making the well-made dinnerware and flatware they received as wedding gifts an especially important part of their home.

“They’ve lasted me four years, and I never would have paid that much for them on my own,” she said.

But she wished that she had included one of those much-coveted, pricy KitchenAid stand mixers on her registry for making every mom’s go-to treat: chocolate chip cookies!

“I had to beg for it three years later,” she said, “and it would have been a lifesaver from the beginning.”

Tell us, WGM’ers! What are you adding to your wedding registry that you are so happy about?

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