26 Must-See Wedding Dresses Under $1,000

One things that’s for sure when planning your wedding is you’re going to be in for some big sticker shock when it comes to finding your dream wedding dress. As soon as a dress has the “wedding” label on it, it’s not uncommon for those prices to skyrocket! While the majority of wedding dresses run thousands of dollars because of not only the wedding dress designer making them, but because of the fabric and incredible details used, there are still MANY bargains to be had when it comes to wedding dress shopping. So we put togehter a list of the best wedding dresses under $1,000.

Aside from sample sales (which is where I found my regularly priced $5,000 dress marked down to $2,000…which is still a lot!), one of the best ways to find a discounted wedding dress is to search online (via sites like ShopStyle, Net-a-Porter, ShopBop, etc.) for white, beige (or any other color you fancy) dresses. That’s right, don’t use the word wedding! You’ll notice you start finding a lot more evening “gowns” vs. “bridal gowns,” or if you’re looking for something more casual you’re definitely going to be in luck!

We’ve found cheap wedding dresses under $500 before, but now we’re broadening the budget and looking for wedding dresses under $1,000. While this is still out of budget for some of you, keep an eye on these dresses for major sales, or if you find a wedding dress you like check out other styles from that designer to see if you find something similar.

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We went shopping for our favorite wedding dresses under $1,000 in the gallery, above. While a lot of them are under $300, some of them creep up more towards the $800 range, so there’s definitely a broader range. Let us know which ones you love!

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