25 Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses Your Mom Will Rock

Just like plus size wedding dresses, trying to find plus size mother of the bride dresses can feel like a daunting task. And it’s even harder to shop for these dresses online when practically every model DOESN’T ACTUALLY LOOK PLUS SIZE. So, our mission with this article is to feature stunning plus size mother of the bride dresses we love with actual plus size models wearing them (even though what’s considered plus size today really irks us…but we’ll leave that for another story! 🙂

SHOPPING TIP: Nordstrom carries a great selection of designers like Adrianna Papell who have amazing plus size options.

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One thing I’d love to mention that we’ve gotten comments on before is that just because your mom is your mom, does not mean she needs to dress like it. If you feel like a dress looks “too young” for your mom I’d definitely go ahead and argue against that.  Your mom is NOT by any stretch of the imagination old. And in fact, I wouldn’t want to see her or any woman feel like they have to dress a certain way because of their age. Our moms are gorgeous and amazing and they need to rock what they have. If they have a great back, legs, shoulders, cleavage or you name it…your mom should feel entitled to look gorgeous on your wedding day. Let that Angelina Jolie leg come out! LOL.

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With that said, we went shopping for some beautiful plus size mother of the bride dresses and discovered 25 that we think are pretty great. So whether your mom is looking for something long, short, loose, or tight, these plus size mother of the bride dresses will have her walking down the aisle and lighting up the reception in STYLE.

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