Our Favorite Wedding Dresses Under $1,000

It’s kind of crazy to think that “$1,000 and under” can be considered a cheap wedding dress, but it’s true.

When you start shopping for a wedding dress, you soon realize that what you would normally pay for an evening dress–let alone any article of clothing you would only wear once–soon catapults you into movie-star buying status. A $2,000 dress? Why of course! Just put it on my tab, Umberto!

Estee Couture Wedding Dress

If you don’t have a movie-star budget to afford a 4-figure dress, don’t worry! There are a ton of cheap wedding dresses out there that look like you didn’t have a budget at all. I’ve picked out a few of my recent favorites, below. Even if these are sold out by the time you read this, I always love looking at posts like these for ideas. That way you can sort of figure out which designer’s style you like the most. For example, in this particular group of cheap wedding dresses I’m super into Philip Lim’s collection. Start searching by designer if you find yourself drawn to their dresses again and again…your search might even lead you to one of their sales!

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