19 Crazy Brilliant Things You’ll Wish You Did at Your Wedding

We see great wedding ideas ALL the time, but these are definitely our favorite. Not only are they easy and fun, but several of them will help save you time AND your wedding budget.

Are you planning on doing any of these for your wedding?

1. Number Your RSVPs with a Blacklight

This will help you keep track of them all (especially for guests with terrible handwriting!). Via MyCoinPurse

unique wedding ideas

2. Have Guests Fill Out Important Dates to Remember

That way you’ll never forget a birthday or anniversary again. Photo by Robyn Navarro Photography

unique wedding ideas

3. Have the Groom Write a Love Note On Your Wedding Shoes

Photo by Alea Lovely

unique wedding ideas

4. Write Love Notes to Each Other to Open on A Special Anniversary

It will be so special to read what you both wrote on your wedding day. Via Etsy

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unique wedding ideas

5. Create Fun Table Numbers to Correspond With Your Ages

Guests will get a kick out of seeing old photos of you. Via KioKreations

unique wedding ideas

6. Give Each Table a Lyric or Song Title

You can use them in lieu of table numbers and/or instruct each table to get up and dance when their table song is played! Photo by Lotus Blossom Photography

unique wedding ideas

7. Help Guests Keep Their Drinks While Dancing

This will save you money if you’re having a consumption bar AND guests don’t have to worry about having their drinks taken before they’re finished. Via Evermine

unique wedding ideas

8. Have an Artist Paint Your Wedding Ceremony or Reception

You can hang it up in your living room after.

unique wedding ideas

9. Or Hire a Sketch Artist as a Wedding Favor

Guests will love leaving with their own caricature.

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unique wedding ideas

10. Surprise Your Mom With a First Look

She will totally not expect it. Photo by Frozen Exposure Photo & Cinema

unique wedding ideas

11. And Don’t Forget to Let Your Dad Know How Much You Love Him, Too!

He will cherish this tie forever. Photo by Tiltawhirl Imagery. Tie patch by Initial Impressions

unique wedding ideas

12. Give Your Flowergirl a Keepsake She Will Always Remember

She can use it on her own wedding day. Via Etsy

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unique wedding ideas

13. Have Each Wedding Guest Take a Photo of Themselves

They’ll look great in your wedding album.

unique wedding ideas

14. Give Guests To-Go Boxes for Cake

Most couples end up throwing out SO much cake. Save money by giving guests leftover slices as a wedding favor to take home. Via Etsy

unique wedding ideas

15. Create a Wedding Soundtrack

It’s a fun keepsake that will also make a great wedding favor. I still listen to ours! Photo by Catherine Rhodes Photography

unique wedding ideas

16. Buy a Newspaper on Your Wedding Day

Use it as a prop for your wedding photos and file it away as a unique memento

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unique wedding ideas

17. Have a Sparkler Sendoff

Is there anything more beautiful than this?

unique wedding ideas

18. Or Create a Magical Sendoff with a Lantern Release

Just be sure to use the wire-free, biodegradable, and eco-friendly version please!

unique wedding ideas

19. Bring Flats to Wear!

You’ll need them by the end of the night. Trust us.

unique wedding ideas

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