5 Bridal Shower Games the Bride Will Definitely Love

Whether you’re the maid-of-honor, mother of the groom or a close family friend who just loves to throw parties, planning a bridal shower can be a whirlwind. Sending out invitations, finding the perfect color of confetti and creating the most comprehensive mimosa bar known to humankind can be a little overwhelming…but choosing the bridal shower games doesn’t have to be! Check out five of our favorite games created to shower the bride-to-be.

fun bridal shower games

1. Who’s It?

WHAT YOU NEED: Pens, this printout 

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Send the printout to the groom and ask him to circle whether he thinks he or his future wife will be doing particular choirs like taking out the garbage, fixing a leaky faucet and carving the turkey. Keep his answer hidden and secret!

HOW TO PLAY: Give the bride and each of the bridal shower guests a pen, the printout and five minutes. Instruct the bride to circle who she thinks will be doing each chore, and tell the guests to try to guess what answers the two gave by circling the corresponding answer. It’s fun to discover that both the bride and groom agree that the groom is the better baker or the bride is the handyman of the relationship. To score the game, each answer on which the bride and groom agree counts for two points, while each answer voted on by only one of them counts as a single point. The guest with the most points wins!

AN EXTRA TWIST: Give the guests a blue marker and a pink marker, telling them to circle the answers they believe the groom gave in blue and the bride’s answers in pink!

fun bridal shower games

2. Gift Bingo

WHAT YOU NEED: Pens, this printout

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Sip sip hooray! There’s no pre-prep needed for this game other than printing out the sheet!

HOW TO PLAY: Let’s be real…we know you love the bride to pieces, but watching her open gift after gift after gift after gift can get a little boring. Spice up this quintessential bridal shower activity by turning it into a game the whole room can enjoy. Before the bride opens her presents, tell the guests to fill out the bingo squares with possible gifts the bride could receive, such as mixing bowls, a spice rack or mugs. Then, as the bride opens the gifts, the guests can cross off their squares one-by-one until someone has a bingo. The first to yell bingo wins!

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AN EXTRA TWIST: Tell the guests that they are not allowed to include the gift that they brought on their bingo sheet!

3.Dressed For The Honeymoon

WHAT YOU NEED: A suitcase, a wide assortment of the funniest clothes and accessories you can find (tutus, sequined shirts, oversized sunglasses, leopard print scarves with rainbow fringe, etc)

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Recruit the help of the bridesmaids to find the silliest, most over-the-top articles of clothing you can find to fill a suitcase.

HOW TO PLAY: If your bride has a silly streak and is always down to have a good time, then this is the game for her. Blindfold the bride, then open the suitcase and arrange the contents so that she could easily touch any of them. Then tell her that anything she touches she has to put on to create the perfect honeymoon-ready ensemble!

AN EXTRA TWIST: Be sure you get a picture of the bride in her finished outfit, and give a framed copy of it to the groom as a wedding gift.

fun bridal shower games

4.THE NAME OF THE GAME: Writing the Vows

WHAT YOU NEED: A pen, this printout 

BEFORE THE SHOWER: Sip sip hooray! There’s no pre-prep needed for this game other than printing out the sheet!

HOW TO PLAY: If your bride is planning to write her own wedding vows, she is probably feeling the pressure. Lift that burden from her shoulders by writing her vows for her…in the form of a mad lib! Without cluing the guests in on what the mad lib is about, ask them to supply the best nouns, verbs and adjectives that happen to pop into their heads. Once it is complete, present the sidesplitting result by asking the bride to read her wedding vows!

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AN EXTRA TWIST: Record a video of the bride reading her crowd-sourced vows and send it to her groom!

5.THE NAME OF THE GAME: Say Yes to the Dress

WHAT YOU NEED: As many toilet paper rolls as you can get your hands on

BEFORE THE SHOWER: All you have to do is buy the toilet paper

HOW TO PLAY: Divide the room up into teams and equally portion out the rolls of toilet paper. Instruct them to designate one of their team members to be the wedding gown model while the rest design the most glamorous gown ever made using only toilet paper. Set the timer for 10 minutes, and once time is up, the fashion show begins with the bride as the judge!

AN EXTRA TWIST: Whichever team wins gets to recreate their gown on the bride to be worn for the rest of the party!

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