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I am not big on DIY. I can count on both hands how many DIY projects I’ve done for my wedding or other wedding projects (for proof, you can check out my DIY wedding boutonnieres and CD wedding favors). It’s not that I don’t love DIY (well, love is a strong word), I just get flustered and nervous and don’t know where to start. Combine that with the pressures of actually planning a wedding that you’re no doubt going through right now, and you have a recipe that doesn’t spell out DIY. But, I’m here to tell you that DOESN’T have to be the case.

If you’re currently planning your wedding and looking for wedding ideas, DIY can be a great source of inspiration. And if you pick one or two easy projects, it’s something that’s totally do-able. In addition to the wedding favors that I DIY’ed (linked above), I also created our wedding menus…a process that took way more time than it should have, but was still fun to do. (I basically just searched The Graphics Fairy for a graphic I liked, then added it to a word doc and printed it on some fancy paper). You can see a photo of them, below:

diy dinner menu

If you’re currently looking for wedding idea inspiration, I’m sure all of you know what a great resource Pinterest is. While they can have a ton of great wedding ideas, it can be tough to sort through all of them. So I’ve included a few of my recent favorite DIY wedding ideas from Pinterest, below.

Are you working on any fun wedding ideas? Let us know what they are!



If you’re getting married at a venue that doesn’t supply serveware and you’re not using  catering company, you might want to think about buying your own silverware from a Dollar Store rather than renting it. I love this tutorial on how to dip-dye cheap silverware that you can use again AFTER your wedding. Do you have a caterer yet still love this idea? Ask them if you bring BYOS (bring your own silverware)!



Baby’s breath is such an underrated wedding flower. It’s inexpensive and a little bit goes a long way. Find out what you need for this DIY over on Wedding Star.


Kill two birds with one stone with this place card/charger on your wedding tables. You can write the names yourself or hire a calligraphy artist to write them for you. Via Martha Stewart weddings.


You can buy already-made garland for a super easy DIY or pieces of construction paper looped through a piece of twine. Grab some tape and you’ve got a bright and colorful photo booth backdrop. Click here for a DIY garland how-to.


 Is there anything you CAN’T do with tulle? Buy it in bulk at your local fabric store and spruce up your wedding venues chairs (or just the bride and groom’s) by wrapping a simple bow and placing a sprig of lavender in each. Click here for more ideas.

diy wedding favors

Hot sauce is one of those edible wedding favors I can actually get behind. Learn how to easily make your own bottles to give to guests here.


Take a trip to your local vintage store of flea market and pick up some inexpensive yet cool mirrors. Then, head to an art store to pick up some paint pens and use them for a fun ceremony backdrop, wedding or bar menu, wedding program, or seating chart. Get more ideas here on The Wedding Chicks.

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