Ready to Pop the Question? Create the Perfect Marriage Proposal With These Tips

Popping the big question is nerve wracking enough, but nothing adds pressure quite like trying to figure out how to propose. There’s a seemingly thin line between being original and overdoing it, and finding that sweet spot is undoubtedly tough. As you begin to formulate ideas, the most important thing to remember is that this marriage proposal is all about you and your partner. You want them to of course say yes, but the marriage proposal should be unique to your relationship.

We gathered a few of our favorite ideas, and if even if you don’t do things quite the same, hopefully you’ll at least garner some inspiration! Before you get started, however, you’ll want to go over these basics:

An Easy Marriage Proposal Guide

Time of Year

One of the easiest ways to make your engagement stand out is by popping the question when it’s not proposal season — A.K.A. November through January. You certainly don’t have to wait if you’re ready now, but those not in a rush might consider a less popular time of year when you might catch your future spouse completely off-guard.


Make sure you check off any of these applicable to-do items beforehand.

  • Talk with their parents. For instance, this is the RIGHT way to ask a dad to marry his daughter.
  • Find out your S.O.’s ring size by searching through their jewelry drawer or work with a jeweler based on their height and weight. Otherwise, here’s the best way to find out your ring size at home.
  • Take note of their style, both in-person and on platforms like Pinterest. You can also check with a trusted close friend or family member.
  • Consider whether you want an audience or a post-engagement celebration.
  • Most importantly, ask yourself if you and your partner are on the same page. Have you talked about marriage before? Will they feel taken aback? Are you both in a good place?

The Actual Marriage Proposal

Now for the fun part. Use these ideas, make them your own, mix elements of some with others, whatever — just be creative!

A Night at the Cinema

Put the question in lights! This is an especially good idea for movie lovers, but who wouldn’t want to walk up to a theater to see their name and “Will you marry me?” on the marquee? Another cute idea is to purchase an ad that plays on the screen before the movie.

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With a Pet

The great thing about enlisting the help from a furry friend is that it automatically makes the proposal feel special.


Having a group of friends and family spell out “Will you marry me?” is a lot cuter on umbrellas than posters. Plus, they can hide behind them while you’re approaching so the surprise isn’t ruined!

Incorporate Nature

Write on a sidewalk with chalk, hike to the top of a mountain, carve into a tree, spell out the question in the sand — anything outside!

Board Game

There are so many options with this type of marriage proposal — and the best part is, this can be extremely personal with just the two of you having a night in, or game night with a bunch of people!

Street Artist or Band

Make a plan with a caricaturist, street performer or even a local band to “run into” on a casual stroll. If you opt for an artist, have them sketch a picture of you with “Will you marry me?” and for the performer or band, arrange to have your “song” played.


best wedding podcast

If your partner’s a big fan of podcasts (like our wedding podcast), make and download a recording to their phone that describes how much you love them, then ask the big question (make sure you’re nearby when they listen!).

Hidden Ring

This marriage proposal works with everything from a fortune cookie to a cup of coffee to even a separate piece of jewelry.

Photo Memories

via Embrace Life Photography

Fill a room at home or somewhere else with a ton of photos from your relationship. Add some string lights, candles or balloons to make the set-up for this marriage proposal extra special!

Window Shopping

Arrange a local shop or bakery to display a sign or cake that reads “Will you marry me?”

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