This Amazing Chipotle Wedding Proposal Just Absolutely Made Our Day

When you think about the most romantic places in the world to get engaged, places like the Eiffel Tower, a rooftop with a view, the beach, or a mountaintop probably come to mind — but what about Chipotle? For one Sacramento couple, yes.

Chris Piwinski made the the decision to propose at the gourmet burrito chain after months of deliberation. He bought a ring back in January, but he just couldn’t decide on a place that was meaningful for both him and his longtime girlfriend, Natalie Neach. Then, in May, Chris made up his mind.

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“Anyone who knows us knows we love Chipotle,” Chris told The Sacramento Bee. “It’s where we go. We love it. We eat there probably once a week.”

Chris reached out to Chipotle’s public relations department for help, and 70+ emails and phone calls later, the plan was set.

On the day of the proposal — just last weekend — Chris and Natalie arrived at Chipotle after a day of visiting a bunch of their favorite places. Natalie later told The Sacramento Bee that her now-fiancé was “very adamant on the timing of all of it, which was unusual,” but she ultimately wasn’t expecting a proposal.

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As a result, she was certainly surprised when Chris handed her a poem and Ed Sheeran’s “Kiss Me” started playing over the restaurant’s loudspeakers. The couple’s family and friends watched nearby on security cameras as Chris popped the question, and after she said yes, they stormed in to celebrate. There was even a cake with icing shaped like a burrito.

via True Love Photo
via True Love Photo

“What better way to celebrate love than over a shared love of Chipotle?” said Quinn Kelsey, a spokesperson for Chipotle. “We are so happy for this wonderful couple and are thrilled to have been a part of their special day.”

Chipotle even catered an after-party for the couple. Perhaps they’ll do the same for the couple’s upcoming wedding!

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