This Wedding Proposal Did Not Go As Planned!

wedding proposals

We can’t help but feel sorry for this poor guy!

What started out as a seemingly sweet wedding proposal turned into a bit of a disaster when Matthew Picca dropped the engagement ring he was about to give girlfriend Kayla Harrity.

Picca was down on one knee on the docks of Southport, NC about to ask Harrity to marry him when the ring box fell out of his hands and disappeared between two planks. His girlfriend–knowing how terrible Picca must have felt–started crying.

“I covered my face and began to cry because I knew my boyfriend was devastated,” Harrity told WBTV. “Matthew did not even get to say anything to me before the ring fell into the ocean.”

But, all was not lost! After recruiting family and friends to look for the engagement ring, the couple finally lucked out.

“After ten flashlights, and five pairs of goggles and over 1.5 hours of searching in the water…the ring was found!” Kayla told WBTV.

Phew. We’re glad this story had a happy ending. But we’re guessing it was pretty touch-and-go for awhile there. At least they have a wedding proposal to remember!

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