28 Of Our Favorite Wedding Proposals

Wedding proposals are one of the most personal things ever, and what resonates with you or your future spouse is going to be completely different for another couple. But there are some tried and true wedding proposals out there that will definitely cause a universal “Awwww!”

Whether you’re looking for a wedding proposal idea or you just want to take a wedding planning break and gush over somebody else’s, there are some amazing wedding proposal ideas in the gallery, above!

From coffee mugs and Cracker Jack boxes to Scrabble games and adorable puppies, there are so many unique and fun wedding proposals out there that it’s hard to choose our favorites. But we did! While you might not love all of these wedding proposals, hopefully they can at least spark an idea if you’re looking for a different way to ask. And, if you’re currently waiting on your proposal, this gallery will definitely cause you to do a bit of daydreaming.

Are you engaged? Tell us about your wedding proposal in the comments section, below!

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